Driving global automotive intelligence development, Ecarx's first Technology Ecological Day is about to open.

On March 21, 2023, Ecarx Technology is set to hold its first Science and Technology Ecology Day at Wuhan Sports Center on the 24th of this month. The theme of the first Ecarx Technology Ecology Day is “Enable & Accelerate Empowerment and Innovation”. The theme expresses its vision of empowering and accelerating industry development through deep innovation.

Ecarx Technology (stock code ECX), as a global mobility technology company that collaborates with automakers, is the first Chinese automotive intelligent start-up to debut on the US stock market. It was listed on NASDAQ through SPAC on December 21, 2022. Currently, in order to assist automakers in developing new car platforms from scratch, Ecarx Technology is developing a full-stack solution comprising a central computing platform, SoC, and software.

As a company focused on the B2B model, Ecarx Technology develops and offers full-stack automotive computing platforms, integrating high-performance consumer electronic chips into car-grade computing modules. In addition, Ecarx Technology has also deployed Chip Engine Technology and successfully taped out the 7nm car-grade processor “Dragon Eagle No.1.” Last month, Ecarx Technology and Chip Engine Technology announced their collaboration with China FAW Group Corporation to jointly develop an intelligent cockpit platform based on the “Dragon Eagle No.1” chip.

Data shows that Ecarx Technology’s technology has been successfully applied to over 3.7 million cars worldwide, covering 12 OEM brands including Mercedes-Benz, Baojun, Lotus, Smart, and Geely Auto. Ecarx Technology has established Haleytek with Volvo, as well as partnerships with global brands such as Luminar and AMD.

Ecarx Technology will build a complete computing platform based on the released “Dragon Eagle No.1” SoC to provide new solutions. The next-generation computing platform, created by Ecarx Technology in partnership with AMD, is also expected to be unveiled during the Science and Technology Ecology event, showcasing more technical details than when it was displayed at CES 2023. At the same time, Ecarx Technology will discuss their understanding of the trends in domain fusion and central computing platforms.“`

Additionally, Xingji Meizu is expected to debut during the technology ecosystem period.

The automotive industry is currently facing efficiency competition, and intelligence, as a new value point, has become the core of the new stage of competition. In order to gain an advantage in efficiency competition, automotive brands need not only vehicle-grade chips and software, but also complete solutions.


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