BAIC and CATL signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop power battery products.

Recently, BAIC Group and CATL signed a strategic cooperation agreement for business and advanced technology empowerment. The two parties plan to jointly develop power battery products and explore the new energy vehicle market.

According to the agreement, CATL will be deeply integrated into the development and production of complete vehicles of BAIC Group’s subsidiary independent brand new energy vehicle companies and provide competitive power battery products and service guarantee. BAIC Group will build a closer strategic partnership with CATL and conduct comprehensive cooperation in power batteries.

The cooperation between BAIC Group and CATL can be traced back to 2010. The two parties have had deeper cooperation in supply, technology development, standard setting, and after-sales service. “The signing of this comprehensive support and advanced technology empowerment strategic cooperation agreement will further deepen the cooperation between the two parties, and provide broader space and more abundant power for the strategic expansion of both parties,” said BAIC Group.

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