Review of one-year driving experience with the Lantu FREE pure electric city version.

Up to now, it has been over a year since I picked up my new car, and I have already driven nearly 16,000 kilometers. From my personal experience of using this car for more than a year, the Landtu FREE is a great car! I feel lucky that I blindly chose Landtu FREE!

The reason why I chose Landtu FREE in the first place was simply because I took a few more glances at it in traffic and never forgot its beautiful profile. The unbeatable profile of the Landtu FREE instantly captivated me, although I had no idea what brand of car it was.

Of course, it wasn’t solely because of the unbeatable appearance of the Landtu FREE that I immediately forked out over 300,000 yuan. When I got into the car for the first time, I was surprised to find that there was no smell at all in the new car, which also prompted me to make up my mind to buy it.

As a driver with decades of experience, this was the first time I had seen a new car without any smell. Although I have driven several cars, I am just a user and do not understand the structure and tuning of the car, nor am I interested in it. From a user’s perspective, my experience of Landtu FREE is that it has a beautiful and spacious design, strong and sufficient power, solid and environmentally friendly materials, low-key and luxurious configuration, complete and diverse functions, and most importantly, Landtu FREE’s safety features make driving and riding comfortable and carefree.

After buying Landtu FREE, I joined the local car enthusiasts group and later the national pure electric group. Through these groups, I learned that some car owners unfortunately had accidents during their use of the car. However, Landtu FREE provides great protection for the safety of the owners and passengers. For example, a pure electric car owner in Fujian was rear-ended by a truck on the highway and then hit the roadside green barrier. The car was scrapped, but the female car owner was unharmed except for being scared. Another pure electric car owner in Sichuan was sandwiched between two other cars on the expressway, and although the car was significantly damaged, the doors could still be opened normally and the owner and passengers were unharmed.

Other minor accidents in urban roads, Gangtu FREE has always performed outstandingly and never lost. Small Heavy, the material engineer of Gangtu, is also a Gangtu FREE pure electric vehicle owner. He has shown his work and told car enthusiasts that Gangtu FREE stands out in terms of safety configurations in China. Safety is the greatest luxury and dignity. Gangtu FREE provides car owners with the greatest guarantee of peace of mind and reassurance.

Of course, there is no perfect car. In my experience with the car, I have encountered problems such as sluggish infotainment system, poor sound insulation, and large tire noise. Other problems, such as power loss of the small battery and short mileage, are also complained by many car owners. However, a perfect car does not exist, just like a perfect person. After all, perfection is just an expectation in the process that is always out of reach. The car is just a consumer product that mostly makes people feel comfortable and worry-free. That’s a good car.

Finally, I want to talk about the bleak sales of Dongfeng Gangtu. Even though three different models have been released, and the company has also tried many ways, the overall sales performance is still unsatisfactory. As a Gangtu FREE car owner, I feel a bit guilty every time I get a free charge. I don’t understand marketing, but personally, I think the reason why Gangtu is not yet recognized by the majority of people is probably because it is not well known. I hope that Dongfeng Gangtu can further increase its publicity efforts and solve the problem of Gangtu’s popularity. Such a good car should be known by more people. Gangtu’s new sedan, “Chasing Light”, will be launched soon. I hope it can be recognized by the market and I also hope that Gangtu’s overseas market can really take off, rather than just being a symbol. Don’t stop chasing the light and catching the moon, and the verdant plain will end in the spring mountain. I believe that tomorrow will be better for Gangtu.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email