"Episode 3" Q&A with JinYu Ye, the Community and Product Director of 42HOW and Jike.

As time goes by, the communication between Zeekr products director Ye Jinyu and Zeekr car owners has become more detailed. The direct communication between car owners and executives has also answered some concerns about Zeekr OS 4.1 version and vehicle hardware upgrades. Let’s continue to listen to Ye Jinyu’s answers.

Q: Is it a problem when only one yellow light is on?

A: Yellow light icons have different definitions among different brands and each has its own standards. Some are arc-shaped, some are triangular, some are square, and some have small dots. The 001 icon represents either the self-driving car or the detected target vehicle. Therefore, the lit one is the detected target vehicle.

Q: The brightness of the small yellow mirror light is not enough and cannot attract the driver’s attention even when it’s on.

A: It may be affected by strong direct sunlight. We will see how to improve it later. However, as long as we turn on the turn signal, there will be a sound reminder when there is a vehicle in the blind area behind us, helping to make a judgment. (When there is a car in the blind spot, it means that the vehicle is approaching our car and may pose a risk of changing lanes according to our current relative speed.)

Q: Can the size and arrangement of the hud icons in version 4.1 be further optimized? The same is true for the small instrument screen. It’s too unreasonable.

A: We are working on it. It will be updated in the next version. We will get rid of unnecessary ones and unify the necessary parts in terms of layout and size. Thank you.

Q: Ye, waiting for Netease Cloud Music and hud mini maps.

A: Netease Cloud Music will be available soon. The mini map is already in progress and expected to be available in Q3.

Q: Can the tire pressure monitoring be added to the left journey?

A: We will look into this and add a card switch to make it easier to view.

Q: Ye, for the 4.1a version, it seems that Bluetooth music on the phone needs to be clicked on the car device instead of automatically playing when it’s played from the phone, unlike before.

A: We will confirm whether it’s common or occasional and see how to deal with it.

Q: Ye, have you read the post about new travel before? How does the Zeekr team view the UI made by some car owners themselves? What are the specific plans for UI reconstruction, and will there be an AB plan for public voting?

A: This demand has not been included yet. It will definitely not make it into the next version. Let’s solve the main contradictions first. This demand is noted, and we will see how to improve it later.

A: In Hangzhou, many enthusiastic users of 22 Me’s new ride have given suggestions from their respective angles, which we have also read. The pros and cons are obvious, so the average feedback in the following area will be positive and negative. We will give our own optimization plan as soon as possible and plan to invite some users with certain design backgrounds and sensitive experiences to participate in the plan discussion. The specific activity form is being planned, and we will keep everyone updated at the same time. Thank you.

Q: When will the next small version come out? Mr. Ye, the 4.1 HUD is too torturous.

A: The next version will need to do some optimization and bug fixes for details. It will begin testing in early March and is expected to be released to everyone in April. We’ll try to get it out as soon as possible.

Q: Mr. Ye, we were told that there will be four major updates this year in our area. Is that true?

A: Major functional upgrades are considered a big version OTA.

Q: Currently, it seems that there are no special bugs in 4.1. Everything is normal.

A: There are still a few minor bugs, but they should not affect the normal driving experience. Thank you.

Q: I upgraded to 4.1 at 8 o’clock in the morning and took the kids to the park. At 11 o’clock, I upgraded to TSI.

A: About TSI purchase, the entire vehicle software version needs to be synchronized. The automatic synchronization upload cycle for the entire vehicle software version is 12 hours. For example, suppose you last synchronized at 8 o’clock in the morning, but upgraded to 4.1a at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. In fact, after 8 o’clock in the evening, the vehicle will automatically synchronize and upload the entire version. Once the backend confirms that the new version is synchronized, it can trigger the purchase of TSI. If you just synchronized the entire vehicle version before 6 o’clock in the afternoon and then upgraded to 4.1a, then you will have to wait until tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock to use the car again to trigger the version synchronization and purchase of TSI. Therefore, we give the maximum time required of 12 hours.

Q: Can you add a feature where the horn sounds when locking the car? Otherwise, I have to turn around and check if the car is locked every time I get out of it.

A: It is already in progress and will be available in the next version.

Q: Big shot, can the automatic door be changed to control each door separately between automatic and manual? Currently, the electric door can only be set for the front and rear rows, and each door cannot be set separately.

A: We have received your request. Your request is to separate the primary driver and the rest.

Q: 4.1a, TSI purchase and activation, but the lights are yellow, and TSI cannot be selected.



  • Try turning on the hazard lights for a while, if it still doesn’t work, try to reduce the speed 10 times and then test again.


  • The app has been updated to version 2.6.1, do you know what’s new in this update?


  • An iOS app bug causes the app on the phone to freeze when triggering download and installation.


  • The remote opening of the air conditioning seat heater is too slow and prone to failure. Can this be solved?


  • This (issue) will be optimized in the entire chain.


  • What is the wheel hub mode? The wheel hub has been scraped again.


  • Everyone should park on the side of the road, especially close to the edge of the road. It is recommended to turn on the wheel hub mode, which can effectively prevent tire damage. In the 360 interface, click on the bird’s-eye view on the left, there are two camera icons on the hood and trunk lid, you can click to see the front left and right wheel hubs or the rear left and right wheel hubs.


  • It is suggested to optimize the perspective of the wheel hub mode. With such a large screen, the four-wheel hubs can be displayed in a square grid.


  • Yes, this (feature) is being developed, and something like this will be available soon.


  • Will there be update plans for automatic doors and seats?


  • Yes, it will be released to everyone in March.


  • Let’s add a KTV and games! There is no entertainment at all.


  • Entertainment is also important on the basis of stable systems. We have a plan in the pipeline, and we will gradually introduce it when it’s ready.


  • Can we add electric and electric suction doors to Ye’s WeChat version? How much does it cost to upgrade to an electric door? Does this mean we are becoming friends?


  • Haha, we are already friends, specifically about the cost, I don’t know. I am only responsible for technical solutions, and I don’t even know the cost. Electric doors cannot be upgraded, only electric suction doors can be upgraded.


  • When entering the settings menu, it always gets stuck and cannot go in. It takes at least 20 seconds to enter and sometimes it directly freezes, all black, and there is no reaction when clicking there.


  • This is a loading bug, in the short term, you can try clicking settings, then click other options, and then return to settings.


  • Why do I need to pay for upgrading the electric door, the electric door is not supposed to work well and should already be fixed?


  • Technology is always upgrading and iterating generation by generation. Now, the 23-inch wide electric door is already the second generation. We are still developing the third generation electric door technology, and every year new technologies come out, which will always be better.


  • Ye, how to solve the slow charging problem of the northern polar charge in winter?


  • This is due to the low temperature of the battery pack. This winter, we have added features to calibrate the battery pack for on-the-way heating and manual heating. In the next winter, we can solve the pain point of slow charging in winter, which is that heating the battery pack will consume more electricity.Q: Previously, Ah Zheng said that the battery pack will only be heated when navigating to extreme charging.

A: We also have manual heating, which can be activated without relying on navigation. You can estimate how long it takes to reach your destination and turn on the battery heating manually in advance.

Q: I am in Hangzhou, and I feel that when the temperature drops below fifteen degrees in winter, the charging speed will be slow. I suggest that the temperature range between zero and ten degrees be optimized.

A: The charging performance of the battery pack is optimal at 25 degrees Celsius and will be affected below 20 degrees Celsius. The lower the temperature, the greater the impact. The only way to improve performance is through the battery heating function.

Q: What does the HUD car icon represent, distance? Is this icon not usually needed? Can the hierarchy of lane direction be raised? The icon is currently displayed very small, which makes it difficult to distinguish the lane direction, especially when driving in the city center, it is good to merge in advance.

A: This car icon will be removed in the next version.

Q: Can Ye’s customized version of QQ Music be extended to JiKe or customized by JiKe? Currently, it is difficult to use AiQuTing.

A: Hmm, we are discussing this in the afternoon, and we will analyze it.

Q: For the braking issue, the 2023 model has already undergone hardware upgrades and modifications to the drainage port location and inclination conn-link to prevent iron filings from entering the speedometer gear, but the 2021 and 2022 car owners have not been informed and there is no recall. In fact, many car owners have already encountered this safety hazard, but they have not caused death accidents because they were not on the highway. When the metal fragments are thrown up and collide with the inclination conn-link, the angle is to the drainage port, which enters the drainage port and is adsorbed by the speedometer bearing, and the ABS and ESC will report errors. This is on the same line as the brakes. The brakes fail afterwards.

A: This is a bit confusing.

  1. The structural design of the block setting is the common design in the automotive industry and has been very mature for many years.

  2. The clearance between the drive shaft and the steering knuckle is normal, and even fine sand will leak out without affecting it. However, there are also extremely rare conditions. If fine iron filings (less than 1mm) mix in and are not discharged along with the sediment, the metal parts of the drive shaft itself will have a weak magnetism, causing the iron filings to adsorb. As wear increases, the ABS sensor detection surface will have abnormalities and the wheel speed signal will be abnormal. The ESC function will be restricted, and the instrument panel will display a fault light to remind the user.

  3. Even if the ESC is restricted, only the assist is slightly different, but the braking performance will not be affected. This is also in line with the requirements of national standards for braking safety regulations when wheel speed sensors fail.A:目前仅有少数用户反馈此问题,我们已经在紧急修复中,预计下个版本将改善此情况。目前您可以通过调整系统音量来控制导航提示音量大小。A: We have received several feedbacks in these days and will make improvements soon. It should be addressed in the next version.

Q: Why do the headlights turn on when I start driving every morning after upgrading to version 4.1a? They will usually be back to normal after a while or a restart.

A: The system will conduct self-check when the vehicle first starts. If the self-check fails, it will automatically reset. The self-check will disappear quickly under normal circumstances. However, if a reset is triggered, it will take several minutes to disappear but it will not affect normal use.

Q: Hello CEO Ye.

1. When will the smoothness of the LCC following function be adjusted to a normal level? Currently, the acceleration and deceleration are too sudden. This issue has not been improved in many versions.

2. As for the light issue, the interior lights will turn on automatically when the doors are opened. It would be great to have a switch to choose to turn the interior lights on or off when opening or closing the doors, just like traditional gasoline cars that have an on and off switch on the top. Other new energy vehicle brands have an option in the light setting. EK-CAR is currently the only model on the market without this switch. This is mainly to prevent sudden and glaring lights in dark environments when boarding.

A: 1. We continuously optimize the LCC function in each version. Except the case where the antelope takes evasive action when meeting a long vehicle, which affects the lateral motion(a so-called “dragon painting” issue), there is still room for improvement in the acceleration and deceleration during overtaking. Other aspects are generally okay.

  1. Confirmed. We will add an auto on/off option for interior lights on the display in the next version to meet different user needs. Thank you.

Q: CEO Ye, I think the 360-view camera when signaling is great, but sometimes it affects viewing the navigation. Can you please consider the split-screen function in the future?

A: The split-screen function and the transparent 360 floating window are under development. The transparent option will be available in the next version.

Q: Will the card design at the bottom all have card functions added later?

A: This is still a short-term solution. When we restructure the HMI in the next step, we will consider split-screen, put 360 in the dock bar, etc. After that, you can give us feedback.

Q: No matter what solution is used, there will always be someone who is dissatisfied. Therefore, giving different options for everyone to vote on together can avoid too much criticism.

A: We will consider this suggestion. Thank you all for your understanding and support. I have reviewed the following HMI reconstruction plan and have great confidence in the next version of the IVI. We will stabilize its current stability in the next one or two iterations, and then reorganize the HMI on this basis.



  • 奥迪 A8L
  • 宝马 7 系
  • 奔驰 S 级


  1. 奥迪 A8L 全系标配 Quattro 四驱系统。
  2. 宝马 7 系 全系标配 iDrive 多媒体系统。
  3. 奔驰 S 级 拥有最先进的智能驾驶系统。



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