The third car under the brand of Tengshi Motors has officially been named Tengshi N8.

On March 10th, the third car model under the Denza brand, owned by BYD and Daimler, was officially named Denza N8 and is expected to be released later this year. The Denza N8 is a mid-size SUV that can accommodate 5/6/7 passengers and is the brand’s first cross-country SUV model.

In February, Denza released a video of the winter test drive, which exposed the Denza N7 and Denza N8 for the first time. On the lower part of the screen is the Denza N7, the mid-size 5-seater SUV with a slightly rounder overall design. At the top is the Denza N8, which is a higher-level SUV that is taller and has relatively straight lines.

The front of the Denza N7 has slender headlights, and LED lights are distributed horizontally on both sides of the grille. The taillights are designed to penetrate through the rear, and the wheel rims are designed in a dynamic whirlwind style of five spokes. The roof line is a sleek design that is equipped with a large-sized fixed rear spoiler. The lower edge of the car window rises rapidly after the B-pillar, and the overall design is slightly rounder.

The Denza N8 has narrow LED daytime running lights above the headlights, and its front design seems to be in line with the N7, also following the family design language. The taillights are still designed to penetrate through the rear, and the wheel rims are more focused on a luxurious feel of dense spokes. The D-pillar on the side of the car roof is flatter, and the length of the rear suspension is longer, apparently providing more headroom for the third row of seats.

At the beginning of this year, Denza released its 2023 new car plan. Denza N7 and Denza N8 are among the models that will be officially unveiled this year. As a reference, Denza will create 5 series of cars using the letters D, E, N, Z, and A, which includes MPV type D, SUV type N, sedan, and coupe series.

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