3 Minute Summary - What We Know About the Lynk & Co 08

Here is a summary of the news about the Lynk & Co 08, and the conclusion to remember is that it is the most promising product of Lynk & Co after the 03, and it could be a big seller if it is reasonably priced.

Product Positioning

As can be seen from its name, the Lynk & Co 08 is positioned between the 09 and the 05 models. Its internal code name is DX11, and it is likely to be a midsize SUV, similar to the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5L, Tesla Model Y, and WM Motor W6, currently on the market.

The vehicles in this category on the market are usually situated between pure family use SUVs and sporty SUVs. As for the Lynk & Co 08, its driving control ability is evident, so this time, it will be critical to balance space and practicality.

Power System

It is essential to note that despite being called “Lynk & Co,” the Lynk & Co 08 is indeed a thorough new energy vehicle and does not have a pure fuel version. This has already been mentioned above in the first paragraph. Lynk & Co’s previous hybrid models were mainly high-power and high-performance vehicles, and the Lynk & Co 08 is also following this trend. The highlight is that it is equipped with the BHE15 hybrid system from Geely-owned high-end engine brand Lynk & Co, mounted on a CMA2.0 platform, and powered by a four-cylinder machine, which will provide a more enjoyable power output.

Design and Cabin Concept

The official pictures of the Lynk & Co 08 have been released, and some design features are consistent with those of the Lynk & Co THE NEXT DAY concept car. One of the most recognizable features is the elongated daytime running lights, which provide a more central focus point for a new visual experience.

The same design language was also used in the Geely Starburst pure electric vehicle. After all, the two brands’ design teams work together, and Geely Starburst is actually a project derived from Lynk & Co. We need not think too much about such things. Maybe even Geely itself has not figured it out. In any case, as long as the final visual effect is high-end and good-looking, there is no problem.

One of the highlights of the cabin is the FlymeAuto in-car system designed by Meizu, also integrated with the vehicle, providing convenience to passengers through AI technology. Another highlight is the high-standard aesthetic appeal, which is consistent across the exterior design, interior design, user interface, and acoustics of the Lynk & Co 08.

Apart from this, the Lynk & Co 08 has also learned some popular small scenes of its competitors. The second-row passengers have some practical but not very costly configurations, which have received good feedback from the media present, and it is worth looking forward to.### Pricing

I will not go into the specific analysis logic. There are only two key points. You can pay attention to the current price of the best-selling cars in the same category. Additionally, I can reveal that 08 has a considerable sales target.

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