FAW Toyota bZ3 announces its starting price at RMB 169,800.

On March 6th, FAW Toyota officially announced the price range of the bZ3, which is between RMB 169,800 to RMB 199,800. The Elite PRO version is priced at RMB 169,800, the Long Endurance PRO version is priced at RMB 189,800, and the Long Endurance Premium version is priced at RMB 199,800.

Regarding benefits, users who pre-order before April 16th can enjoy limited benefits of RMB 20,000, including RMB 3,000 for lifetime special offers, RMB 2,000 for convenient smart offers, RMB 7,000 for worry-free privilege, and a RMB 2,000 deposit that can be used as RMB 10,000 when multiplied.

On the exterior, the new car uses the Toyota bZ series family design, with a piercing daytime running light design to enhance the overall look and future feel of the vehicle. The front of the car is designed with a large downward angle, while the rear features a sleek design while retaining the features of a three-box design.

As for the size of the car body, the length, width, and height of the new car are 4,725 × 1,835 × 1,475mm, and the wheelbase is 2,880mm.

The taillights of the new car use a continuous design, with Y-shaped elements on both sides using a triangle design on the inside.

In terms of the interior, the new car’s steering wheel is similar to that of the bZ4X, but with a flat design. The instrument layout is relatively remote and not very large.

Regarding power, the new car’s battery and motor are provided by Fudi, a subsidiary of BYD. The battery uses lithium iron phosphate technology, while the motor uses a rear-mounted single motor, with maximum power output of 135 kW and 180 kW to choose from.

Regarding endurance, the new car offers two battery versions, 49.92 kWh and 65.28 kWh respectively.The corresponding CLTC ranges are 517 km and 616 km for a battery capacity of kWh.

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