Tesla Model 3 drops by 30,000 in Denmark in Europe.

Recently, according to overseas sources, Tesla has launched a price reduction promotion in Europe, and in Denmark, the discount rate of Tesla has reached 7%-8\%, with the new price after the discount even comparable to that of Volkswagen Golf, causing enthusiastic discussions among local residents.

According to information on the official website of Tesla Denmark, the current price of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is 329,900 kroner (approximately RMB 3.25 million), which has been reduced by 30,000 kroner (approximately RMB 296,000). The current price of Tesla Model 3 Long Range is 389,990 kroner (approximately RMB 3.85 million), and the price has also been reduced by 30,000 kroner.

Interestingly, the media compared the price of Volkswagen Golf in Denmark with that of Tesla Model 3, and the price of Golf is 318,995 kroner (approximately RMB 3.15 million), while the price of Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is 329,990 kroner (approximately RMB 3.25 million), and the prices of the two models are very close.

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