BAIC Group and Horizon sign a strategic cooperation agreement, and the first mass-produced collaborative vehicle will be launched this year.

On February 24, 2023, BAIC Group and Horizon signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build intelligent driving solutions.

Based on Horizon’s entire series of Journey chips, including Journey 2, Journey 3, and Journey 5, BAIC Group will conduct research and development and application of intelligent products for multiple autonomous brands, and the first mass-produced cooperative model is expected to be launched this year.

In terms of DMS installation, in the 2022 China DMS installation list released by G-ON Smart Auto, Horizon topped the market share with twice the amount of the second place, which is about the sum of the second to fourth.

The cooperation between the two is the cooperation between the whole vehicle enterprise and the technology company that provides technology and solutions. It can mobilize the open cooperation and capability co-construction of the entire industry chain, and is expected to promote the technological innovation ability and independent brand product competitiveness of China’s automobile industry.

With the continuous improvement of intelligent driving technology, the automotive industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading. BAIC Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Horizon to strengthen its focus on the core technology of intelligent driving, accelerate the construction of “Technology BAIC”, and strengthen the intelligent automotive ecosystem. The two will jointly improve their research and development and application capabilities in the field of key components for intelligent driving, and promote the continuous landing of intelligent driving functions.

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