"Episode 2" 42HOW Community & Geek+ Product Director JinYu Ye Q&A.


Product Director Ye Jinyu from Xpeng Motors spoke candidly with Xpeng car owners in the 42HOW Xpeng owners’ group about the upgrading issues of Xpeng OS version 4.1. The good interactive atmosphere led to many high-quality Q&A. Let’s continue to listen to Ye Jinyu’s answers.

Q: General Ye, I have several questions to consult with you.

1. During the pandemic, I found that the small battery of the car would still lose power when the slow charging was always plugged in. Can it be powered by the charging pile instead, like Tesla?

2. In fact, the car machine is concerned with two functions: music and navigation. Regardless of how cool the other functions are, these two are the basics. Let alone the upcoming Netease Cloud Music, can Love-listening solve the cached problem (just like the mobile phone, there is no need to clear the garbage cache)? At the same time, I and many car owners found that no matter how many songs were collected, Love-listening would only select 30 songs for loop playback, and the order was exactly the same. What is the principle behind this? Can it be resolved? And when will it be resolved?

3. As for the map issue, the current map is indeed optimized a lot, and there are no big problems in terms of functionality. But why is the voice package on the car machine inconsistent with the mobile version? The current voice package on the car machine has only a few and each has a non-human tone.


  1. When plugged into the slow charging pile, the low-voltage system is powered by the pile-side electricity. If there are any abnormalities during subsequent use, please contact after-sales or directly contact me.

  2. The cached problem of Love-listening has been solved in version 4.1. As for the loop playback problem of collected songs, I will confirm it immediately and get back to you later.

  3. The navigation currently uses the public version of Gaode map. The Gaode car machine version map and mobile version map are developed by completely different teams, so there will be differences in the contents. We will communicate with them on this aspect, but the possibility of improvement in the short term is not high.

  4. At present, the Bluetooth lyrics can be cast to the instrument panel, but Love-listening is also a third-party app of Tencent. They have been refusing to transmit the lyrics. We will further communicate with them to try to resolve this.

Q: General Ye, is the reason for the inability to display the music cover on the instrument panel also because of Tencent?

A: There is no problem with the Bluetooth channel now. The lyrics and covers can be transmitted. Love-listening is still communicating with Tencent. We will try to solve this as soon as possible and share the plan with everyone.

Q: It is the voice of the majority of car owners to revert the car machine version back to 3.0 or 3.1, because that version is the most practical and much stronger than the current car machine.A: Thank you for your feedback. Yesterday, I mentioned in the group that we will work on two things regarding HMI interaction.

  1. Based on the current version 4.1, we anticipate continuing to optimize stability and usability in the upcoming 1-2 minor versions. At the same time, we will further improve the UI texture.
  2. On the basis of version 4.1, after the customized map is installed, functionality cards will be integrated into the map in the next version, further enhancing the user-friendliness of the current HMI.
  3. At the same time, we will be developing another desktop theme for HMI in parallel. We will present this concept as soon as possible, and invite experienced designers and sensitive 001 car owners to participate in the discussion. The goal is to provide it no later than Q3.

Q: Mr. Ye, is Tencent also responsible for the fact that the dashboard music cover cannot be displayed?

A: There are no problems regarding the Bluetooth channel, and the lyrics and cover can be transmitted. IQIYI Music is currently in discussion with Tencent to solve the problem as soon as possible. Once I have the plan, I will update everyone.

Q: I have experienced water splashing on my face when opening the door in the rain.

A: It has been optimized in version 4.1. When the door is opened, the wipers will be suppressed.

Q: When can we use the self-developed map in the next version?

A: The goal is no later than April. The basic map data is definitely from the mapping service provider, while the UI and interaction are self-developed.

Q: Mr. Ye, can you put the “exterior sound prompt” button in the quick window/drop-down menu/homepage shortcut button?

A: In version 4.1, this switch can already be placed in the shortcut key of the drop-down menu.

Q: Mr. Ye, the height of the low-beam headlights is low. Can the headlight height be adjusted through the car machine later?

A: First of all, the front light height of Zeekr 001 is automatically adjusted according to the vehicle’s posture changes caused by the number of occupants. Secondly, the technical standards have requirements for the lighting angle of the headlights. Based on the center point height of the headlights, the lighting height at a distance of 10 meters cannot exceed the height of the headlights (there is a calculation formula). Therefore, 001 is already at the legal boundary. The main reason why people feel that it’s too low is due to the design for a sporty style, where the front is too low. Even if the manual adjustment is enabled, it cannot exceed the legal boundary.

Q: It has been nearly 10 hours since last night, is the car still in shutdown mode?

A: Zeekr 001’s car machine is in low-power standby mode when locked during normal use, and it will directly start when entering the car. Therefore, it is fast. It will only enter deep sleep and cold start mode when not used for a long time.“`markdown
Of course, the infotainment system also has a reset mechanism. When there is a potential problem with the self-check, the reset mechanism will be triggered to perform a cold start. This is also the situation where some people occasionally see cold start of the infotainment system.

Q: In version 4.0, Ai Quting stopped working when the network disconnected.

A: The network issue with Ai Quting has been fixed in version 4.1.

Q: Can the scattered icons on HUD not be displayed under normal circumstances? I am afraid that this layout will scare away test drivers.

A: Similar feedback has been received in these two days. It has been arranged for optimization and will be improved in the next version, including the uniformity of the instrument display feedback from Songmao Er.

Q: When will my version 4.1 be pushed?

A: Many users are inquiring about the progress of version 4.1. Here is the information for everyone: the first few batches have relatively small quantities, and the push amount will be expanded later tonight to ensure that all updates are completed by the end of February.

Q: I hope that the OTA push can be unified and pushed together on time in the next time.

A: Generally, the first 2-3 batches are relatively small because there may be scenes that cannot be covered no matter how the software is tested at home. Therefore, the small batches in the early stage should also test the stability of generalization. Only when there are no major exceptions will it be expanded and accelerated. Of course, the overall rhythm and plan can be communicated and clarified with everyone in advance next time.

Q: I really hope that the after-sales service department can have more equipment and sufficient personnel, because even maintenance cannot book a time slot and is always full.

A: After-sales service is one of the key areas that Zeekr will focus on optimizing and improving this year, including accelerating the construction of Zeekr homes, strengthening after-sales service capabilities, managing service processes and standards, and improving everyone’s satisfaction with after-sales service.

Q: Manager Ye, I have only one small question. The navigation cancel operation could be done on the instrument panel before, but not anymore. How was this considered?

A: Simplify the operation hierarchy. Cancelling navigation should be in the menu key of the steering wheel. It is relatively deep to operate. In fact, the most convenient way to cancel navigation is directly through voice (close navigation). In fact, some commands like “previous song,” “next song,” “return to desktop,” “close navigation,” and other high-frequency commands don’t need to wake EVA up in 001.

Q: Manager Ye, may I ask if the app can handle multiple instructions at once in the future? For example, I want to turn on the air conditioning, the heated steering wheel, and heated seats. I can only turn them on one by one. Can you consider executing multiple instructions at a time in the future?

A: This question does not contain any HTML tags in Chinese.

Q: Ye, can the heating direction of the steering wheel be kept on after getting into the car instead of turning off automatically when we get in the car after remote start, which is inconvenient especially when there are many people?

A: This has been optimized.

Q: I had to click several times to close 360 videos, and the X button is not very sensitive.

A: Got it, the hot zone can be enlarged and X button does not need to be enlarged; just enlarge the actual touch control area.

Q: There is only a transparent 3D car model for the 360 video, can the 2D top-down view also have a transparent display of the bottom?

A: The transparent bottom for 2D will be available in the next version.

Q: What has been fixed in 4.1a? What are the changes compared to 4.1?

A: 4.1a only optimizes the bug that causes the double light to be on after the OTA update of the intelligent driving system (the double light did not light up before the OTA, and it was introduced and cannot be recovered after OTA 4.1). Other than that, there is no change.

Q: Do I need to update to 4.1a if I already have 4.1?

A: There is no need to upgrade to 4.1a if you have already upgraded to 4.1 and no double light issue occurs.

Q: The blind spot warning function will constantly beep if turning left in the second lane on the left, can we optimize in this scenario?

A: We will continue to optimize this.

Q: Can the HUD display blind spot warning synchronously in the lower left and right corners? The warning won’t take up too much space.

A: This may not be the best solution, as the blind spot detection light often turns on and off. Having a light on the HUD that turns on and off may be annoying.

Q: When can we have the option to turn off the warning sound of the yellow light?

A: This won’t be possible in the next version, but it’s been added to the requirements list. We expect to resolve it in the next-but-one version.

Q: Will there be a projecting function for JiKe in the future? Car play projection or video projection?

A: There will be video and game projection. Switch connectivity is already under development and will not be available in the next version.

Q: Ye, is there a plan for Karaoke?

A: Yes, it is planned to be available in the second half of the year.

Q: There is a big gap between the trip and energy column in the middle, and the energy column is very close to the edge, which looks bad visually.

Q: Will the layout of the instruments and the HUD be optimized in the next version?

A: Yes, the layout of the instruments and the HUD will be optimized in the next version.

Q: I think the high-energy recovery is good now, it’s more natural. Tesla is a bit too strong.

A: JEEQI’s initial intention for setting the standard for regenerative braking was to make the electric vehicle the least likely to cause motion sickness. Therefore, we took into account some considerations on the calibration of recovery standards. Another reason is that the 001 model has a CRBS function, and energy recovery and braking systems are separate and not mutually exclusive. When you step on the brake, it doesn’t affect energy recovery, which ensures safe driving habits without affecting energy recovery efficiency.

Q: Can HUD display customized map views like NIO? Will the rear display UI be modified?

A: This requirement is already on the development list, and it is expected to be implemented in Q3.

Q: My software update didn’t work even after restarting, but the car worked after driving it for a lap.

A: The OS 4.1a version has updated the intelligent driving system controller. After updating the system, some initialization and self-checking procedures are required. Normal sleep can be resumed. If it has not been able to resume sleep, please provide timely feedback. We will arrange technical personnel to handle it as soon as possible and do a hardware check to confirm it. Also, after this optimization of the intelligent driving system, the camera will calibrate and adjust itself during the initial use of the car to provide a better driving experience.

Q: Mr. Ye, our car map also needs to be replaced. Now that spring and summer are suitable for camping, I think it is appropriate to have a JEEQI travel team function to show other vehicles on the map interface that have already formed a team, the remaining range, and how far they are. This is still very useful, and I hope you can consider it first.

A: Thank you for your feedback. We will take these requirements into account in the team function of our self-developed navigation system.

Q: The start-up of one 540i was stopped just now. The sense of start-up is stronger than 4.0!

A: The battery power output is strongly related to the battery pack temperature. The power output has not been changed in version 4.1. The perceived difference is most likely caused by temperature changes.

Q: Does it mean that in summer, whoever makes a mistake will be seen, but in winter we need to be more careful?

A: We will soon launch the feature of actively heating the battery. If you don’t care about electricity in winter, you can manually heat it. You can jump whoever you want.

Q: Mr. Ye, will the automatic lowering feature for hanging parking be available in the future?

A: Of course, it will be available.

Q: I don’t want the automatic lowering feature. I want the suspension to be highest when parking, because sometimes the road behind is the lowest, and it may hit the back.

A: Noted.A: It can be set up by oneself.

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