What the Hyper GT exhibits is the Haipo that is no longer in Eon.

The Hyper series of EON Motors originates from the Hyper SSR, which is also the time when EON Motors changed to the new AI God Arrow logo. As a supercar, its cool appearance is indeed eye-catching. However, precisely because it is a supercar, the high price determines that it is a car that is more inclined towards showmanship.

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So, is there a more affordable car? Yes, that would be the protagonist of this article – the Hyper GT. This car has officially appeared at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The scissor doors, electric tail wings, and a drag coefficient as low as 0.19 should be the most impressive features. So, what about the interior of this car? This time, we visited another art gallery in Guangzhou to bring you a detailed introduction to the interior of this car.

Exterior part: The production car with the lowest drag coefficient in the world

Hyper GT first appeared at the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, but unfortunately, we missed it due to a series of reasons. So, let’s start with the exterior part to see what highlights this car has, which can surpass the Mercedes EQS in drag coefficient.

Hyper GT is 4,880 x 1,885 x 1,455 mm in length, width, and height, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,910 mm, which is a very standard size for a medium-sized sedan. From the side view of the car, you can see that the car adopts a round and smooth design, and the angle between the front of the car and the windshield is arc-shaped. At the same time, the car’s posture is very low, and the ground clearance is very small. These are the reasons why it can achieve a drag coefficient of 0.19.

Unsurprisingly, the official presentation of Hyper GT’s exterior design includes a PPT slide with a droplet-shaped image, which makes me, as a Three-Body Problem fan, ecstatic.

Hyper GT’s front end features a design that combines modular daytime running lights with headlights. The headlight styling is not as exaggerated as that of Hyper SSR. The active air intake grille located below the license plate remains closed during daily driving, effectively reducing the vehicle’s wind resistance.

A closer look reveals that the upper part of the headlight is made up of LED daytime lights, while the lower part includes a combination of high and low beams arranged in a side by side fashion.

On both the left and right sides under the front bumper, there are small spoilers with a tiny vent that helps dissipate tire heat during intense driving.

Hyper GT is equipped with “the most powerful AD hardware in Elon Musk’s entire life.” This includes:

  • 3 LiDAR sensors;
  • 3 front cameras (two with 8 million pixels and one infrared);
  • 4 side cameras, each with 8 million pixels;
  • 1 rear-view camera with 2 million pixels and 1 fish-eye camera with 1 million pixels;
  • 6 millimeter-wave radars;
  • 12 ultrasonic radars.

On the front windshield, there are three cameras, including two 8 million pixel front cameras and one redundant backup camera. One of the three LiDAR sensors is mounted on the roof to enhance the long-range detection capability.

The one located in the middle of the license plate is the front surround view camera, and the black circle on the right side of it is the infrared camera.

In the middle of the front of the car is the new “AI God Arrow” logo of Aiways, and personally, I really like the design of this logo.

The Hyper GT’s front doors adopt scissor door design, which is officially called “Wind Dance Rotating Wing”. This design easily attracts the attention of passers-by when the door is opened on the road. Currently, the official has not determined the option plan for the rotating wing door, but from what I understand, the final optional price may be around 20,000 yuan.

The side view of the rotating wing door is even cooler. Since it is a coupe, it is normal to have a door that is the same as a sports car. Naturally, this type of door opening has a certain risk, so Aiways has equipped radar at the bottom of the front door to prevent the door from fully opening when it detects obstacles.

However, a reminder is necessary here that although the scissor doors are cool, when the vehicle is parked in a mechanical garage or underground garage with low ceilings, be sure to roll down the windows before opening the doors, otherwise it is likely to damage the windows.

The car we shot uses 20-inch six-spoke wheels and Michelin PS4 Sport tires with a size of 245/40 R20. The official statement is that the production version will use PS EV customized performance tires for electric vehicles. Coupled with the blue two-piston calipers, the sportiness of the car is already apparent.

There is a LiDAR and an 8 million pixel lateral perception camera on each side of the vehicle’s fenders. It can be seen from here that although Hyper GT uses three LiDARs just like the Alpha HI and the Aveta 11, the difference lies in the arrangement of the forward-facing LiDAR, which is placed on the roof of the car, while the other two are placed at the front of the car.

There are two cameras below the rear-view mirror, one is another 8 million pixel lateral perception camera and the other is an all-round view camera. The above hardware makes the lateral perception of this car very strong, and it can effectively perceive the lateral road conditions of the vehicle during auxiliary driving operations such as lane changing.

The chrome strips on the upper and lower parts of the car windows adopt a smoked design. The lower part of the window has an obvious upward curve at the position of the C-pillar, and the rear window part of the rear seats adopts black privacy glass.

Also, the rear door of this car is also designed as an electric door. The external door opening method is the same as the front door, both of which press the back end of the door handle to open.

The charging port of the vehicle is located in the left rear of the vehicle, but because this shooting car is still in the status of an engineering car, the charging port cannot be opened temporarily. However, according to the previous photos, both fast and slow charging ports are placed at this location and have protective covers.

At the back of the car, the tail lights still adopt the split design. Also, as can be seen from the figure below, this car comes with an electric tail wing.

During normal driving, the tail wing will be retracted to form a complete streamlined shape. When the car is moving at high speeds, the tail wing will automatically expand to increase the downforce of the vehicle. This may be one of the reasons why the Hyper GT rear-wheel drive version can achieve a 0-100 km/h acceleration in about 4 seconds.

Located on the rear windshield, in the same position as the high brake light, this camera enhances the vehicle’s perception of the rear, allowing a farther rear view.

The diffuser at the bottom of the rear of the car once again highlights the coupe attributes of this car, with almost all the sports-related kits.

Due to the nature of the engineering vehicle, the trunk cannot be opened for display this time, so the introduction of the exterior ends here. The interior is the focus of this event.

Interior Part: Giving a Sense of Luxury

The interior also needs to be explained. Due to the fact that it is not in the mass production stage, some of the interior details are not yet final. We shot the light-colored interior this time, officially known as “Polar Silver”. In addition, the vehicle also has a pure black interior and a black and yellow interior to choose from.

First, let’s take a panoramic view of the interior. I personally think that this light-colored interior looks pretty good, and it does not lose out in terms of luxury compared to models priced at 300,000 or even 400,000.

Hyper GT tries to minimize unnecessary space in the front row and give it to the passengers, which is indeed a great idea. Especially in the passenger area, more space will obviously make the front passenger more free, and at the same time, there is no need to move the seat back and squeeze the space of the rear passengers just because more space is needed. In addition, while achieving a smaller front console, Hyper GT still retains some space for the glove box.

The steering wheel adopts a three-spoke elliptical design, and the steering wheel buttons use a minimalist design, with only two 6-way rollers on each side. In front of the steering wheel is the DMS camera, used to detect the driver’s state.

The steering wheel is manually adjustable in four ways. I wonder if the production version will change to electric adjustment.

The actual measurement data of the front seats is shown in the figure below. The seat filling is quite soft, and the sitting feeling is comfortable. The seat cushion length is sufficient to support the thigh for my height of 176 cm, but the sense of package of the seat can be strengthened.

I found a girl at the scene who is 165 cm tall and weighs 50 kg to demonstrate. Needless to say, the legroom in the front row is quite spacious, and there is still more than two fists of space for the head. I tried it myself and found that there is more than one fist of height.

The seats are made of Nappa top-layer leather, and the material at the Hyper logo is similar to suede. The seat cushion and backrest have punching holes, but it is not clear whether the seats and backrests support ventilation yet.

Both front seats have their own headrest speakers, and the speakers are placed behind the headrests. There are independent sound zones for both headrest speakers, it means that besides listening to music when passengers are resting in the car, vehicle alert sounds can also be heard only from the headrest speakers, and music playback from other speakers will not be interrupted.

The door panel also uses leather with soft filling. A piece of black decoration and a speaker are placed inside. Some strip-shaped lines are designed near the B-pillar, adding some fashion sense.

There are only four control buttons for the driver’s door panel, and all other operations should be done through the car’s multimedia system or voice assistant. There are white light strips around the control area, which makes it easier to operate in the dark. The entire control area also has some carbon fiber-like decorative strips.

All four door handles are designed with a pull-up design from the bottom to the top, and you need to pull them up to switch the power doors. For those who are used to the traditional inward-pulling handles, it may take some time to get used to.

All storage spaces on the door panels are covered with suede, which is significantly more advanced than using hard plastic.

The position near the leg on the lower part of the door panel is the subwoofer, which has an obvious Dolby Atmos logo on it. The Hyper GT has a total of 23 speakers with a maximum power of 920 W, supporting 7.1.4 channels, specially tuned in collaboration with young pianist Gina Alice. However, since the sound system is still in the tuning stage, it is unclear how it will actually sound.

There is a small storage space under the bottom left corner of the steering wheel, which is perfect for holding tissue packs or highway toll cards.

The area in front of the driver’s seat and between the instrument screen is also wrapped in genuine leather with punched sun patterns, adding a sense of design.

The area in front of the passenger seat doesn’t have these fine details, but the material used here has been changed to suede, which is also used in many other parts of the car.

The instrument screen adopts a slender design, which naturally provides more vision for the road ahead. However, the car system is currently not the final version, so the information displayed on the instrument screen may differ from the final production version.

The central console screen adopts a horizontal layout, and the displayed content is not the final version either. But from the left operation cards, bottom dock, and top notification bar, it can be seen that this system is already very close to the production state.

The physical air vents are now easier to adjust throughout the car without the need for adjusting airflow direction via the car system.

The central area is mainly decorated with wooden panels, and the wireless charging area is based on suede, with a maximum wireless charging power of 50W. To ensure that the phone can continue to charge without overheating, the wireless charging position is also equipped with an air conditioning vent to cool down the phone.

The central armrest is not particularly deep, but it can still hold a small bottle of Evian water.

Below the central area, there is a hollow storage space, which is very friendly to women who need to store small bags or shoes. There is also a charging port in the front row, which includes a Type A interface for charging, a Type C port for connecting a driving recorder U disk, a Type A port for data transmission, and a vehicle-mounted fast charging port that supports up to 120 W.

There is also a car interior camera above the rearview mirror, which may be used to detect the status of passengers in the car and automatically activate some preset functions.

The hazard light button, power off button, and touch-type strip reading light are all in the same top area. Also, from this picture, it can be seen that the Hyper GT also uses suede material for the ceiling.

The Hyper GT uses a whole piece of glass for the roof, which looks more impressive than a sunroof with a crossbeam between the B-pillars. However, since there is no sunshade, it may be a little hot inside the car when driving in the sun.

Moving to the back seat, the actual measured size is shown in the picture. Since the windows of this car cannot be lowered, the photo may look a bit strange. Generally speaking, the riding experience of the back seat is similar to the front seat, including the fact that the padding, including the middle position, is relatively soft.

Let’s have the previous lady as the model again. It can be seen that there is no problem for a 165cm girl to sit in the car, and both the leg and head space are more than two fists, and the seat length is also sufficient to support the thighs.

I tried it myself, and the legroom for my 176cm height is about three fingers wide, and the headroom is about four fingers wide. The back seat space performance of the Hyper GT is not compromised because it is a coupe, which is obviously better than my P7.

Although there are only two cup holders on the central armrest in the back row, it is slightly hard as a backrest. It will be better if the production version can add some padding.

Behind the central armrest, there are two independent air outlets and a Type C port for charging. It will be better if the production version adds another charging port.

There are a total of 4 sky channel speakers on the ceiling of the front and rear rows, and there are also two upward speakers behind the rear seats, and the sound field truly envelops everyone in the car.

However, perhaps due to the addition of the sky channel, there is no conventional armrest set up in the rear, but a hollow area is excavated under the headrest of the front row for use as an armrest by rear passengers.

With the introduction of original real wood panels, large areas of genuine leather, suede, and soft materials, as well as some design highlights, the luxury feel of the interior of this car is on par with models priced at 300-400k RMB.

More information

At yesterday’s event, Aiways officials announced that the Hyper series will be branded as Haohui, and the brand operation will be independent of the Aiways brand. As the first mass-produced car of Haohui, Hyper GT undoubtedly will help boost the brand image.

Based on Aiways’ all-new AEP 3.0 pure electric platform and the stellar architecture, Hyper GT will be the first 800 V platform model with battery swapping. The mass-produced vehicle will also have a front trunk, and the final price may be around 300k RMB.

Although dynamic test drives of the vehicle are currently not possible, officials said that driving tests can be conducted by March or April, and we will continue to follow up at that time.

In conclusion

Starting with Hyper SSR, it is easy to recognize that the design of the Hyper series is completely different from the original AION model in both appearance and interior. The design of both exterior and interior reaches the level of higher-priced vehicles. The “Milan New Luxury Style” interior design of the four design centers in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Milan, and Los Angeles gives people a bright impression.

As the first mass-produced car of the Hyper series, it is still uncertain whether the Hyper GT can help Human Horizons to elevate the brand. However, it is undeniable that the fierce battle in the 300,000 SUV market last year has now spread to the 300,000 sedan market.

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