Xiaomi's automotive division may obtain a qualification for producing new energy vehicles, and the factory project has commenced.

According to domestic media reports, Xiaomi’s electric vehicle production qualification may be obtained, but there may still be changes in Xiaomi’s car-making qualification before the final qualification is granted.

Public information shows that Xiaomi’s car factory project is located in the Beijing Yizhuang Economic Development Zone, which is divided into two phases of construction. The designed production capacity for both phases is 150,000 vehicles. Phase one of the factory started construction in April 2021 and is expected to be completed in June 2023.

The “new energy vehicle production qualification” means that this qualification is required to produce new energy vehicles. However, since 2017, relevant national departments have been strictly controlling the application and review of this qualification, which has caused some new car companies to need to solve the problem indirectly, such as NIO, which uses JAC Motors for OEM production, and IDEAL, which acquires Lifan.

However, there are also reports that the self-driving home NV of Niuc’s new energy did not go public on time because they lacked qualifications and had to find a contract manufacturer, Dayang Motor, but some problems occurred.

The rendering of the car was exposed earlier this year. From the picture, it can be seen that the new car adopts a closed front grille design, and is equipped with a sleek headlight group on both sides and a stylish air intake.

At Xiaomi’s investor day in 2023, Lei Jun stated that Xiaomi’s goal for future car manufacturing is to enter the top five in the world within 15-20 years.

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