ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center launched, "Three-Body Edition" custom model to be released within this year.

On February 14th, Jidu “ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center Launch Event” was held in Beijing, officially launching the Jidu digital universe experience plan – ROBOVERSE (automobile robot universe), which will create a series of groundbreaking digital experiences for users.

On that day, the experience centers in Jidu’s Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen locations were officially launched in sync. Jidu signed a cooperation agreement with the Three Body Universe and plans to launch the “Three Body Edition” car robot later this year. In addition, Jidu also announced that it will integrate the comprehensive abilities of Baidu Wenyi Yanyu, creating the world’s first large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience model for intelligent automobile scenes, supporting the automobile robot to achieve advanced natural communication.

The first national metaverse car brand experience center is officially operational, reshaping user digital experiences

ROBOVERSE contains product experience systems such as intelligent driving and smart cabin ecosystems, offline experience spaces, user services, points malls and other service experience systems, as well as brand experiences such as brand boutiques, digital art, and sci-fi projects. Among them, the Jidu ROBOVERSE experience center serves as the gateway for users to enter the Jidu digital universe, creating a new digital experience journey and building the “fourth space” that integrates the digital universe and the real world.

Jidu CEO Xia Yiping announced that the ROBOVERSE’s first offline stop – the Jidu ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center officially opened its doors on February 14th. The center is located in the south area of Sanlitun Taikoo Li, Beijing, and is the first national metaverse car brand experience center. The overall space design was created in collaboration with Gensler, one of the world’s top architectural and interior design firms, implementing Jidu’s futuristic, concise, and avant-garde design concepts, combining technology with science fiction, art, and trendy lifestyles, creating an intelligent automobile 3.0 era with a rich level of diversity and multiple experiences in the digital space world.

The ROBOVERSE Sanlitun Experience Center by JIDU is a digitized comprehensive experiential space that aggregates product experiences, user services, and brand displays, representing JIDU’s reshaping and contemplation on brand shaping, user experience, and technological innovation. At the experience center, users can check-in at the UCCA (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art), exclusive digitized art installations created by cutting-edge artists Guo Ruiwen and Liu Di, and explore more avant-garde lifestyles.

Users can also generate their own digital symbiotic body image – ROBO AVATAR – through JIDU’s mini program, and experience the intimate man-machine relationship via various interactive means, thus obtaining a unique experience of connecting the digital space with the physical world.

According to Xia Yiping, “Whether it’s the concept of digitized experience regarding the man-machine relationship, or the creation of art installations and premium peripherals at the JIDU ROBOVERSE experience center, both embody JIDU’s understanding and pursuit of ‘digitized experience.’ Technology and experiential innovation are the spiritual core of JIDU, and we will continuously bring futuristic and sci-fi-like digitized experiences to users.”

Currently, JIDU has landed experiential centers in Sanlitun, Beijing, L + Mall in Lujiazui Center, Shanghai, and Shenzhen’s Shangye Shangcheng.

Inaugurating the event, JIDU announced its partnership with UCCA, where they jointly developed the concept of “AI物(shared thing) symbiosis,” expanding the boundaries of user experience from multiple dimensions, such as art and technology, to enrich JIDU users’ digitized experience.

The first art project, “AI物(shared thing) symbiosis”, invited artists Guo Ruiwen and Liu Di to create digitized art pieces. Guo Ruiwen’s “ROBO-Conduit” used customized algorithms to blend colors with the sound of JIDU’s car robots, forming real-time visual images and simulating the deduction iteration of JIDU’s car robot driver data. Amid the sound waves of JIDU’s car robot, it presents a unique energy field, inviting viewers to experience the visual aesthetics of self-growth during the car robot’s driving.# BOOL – Interpreting Human Life and Car Casting Elements

Inspired by boolean operations, the artwork “BOOL” by Ludi combines the concepts of cybernetics and bionic human bodies with the steel elements representing car casting, exploring the vitality of life and the infinite possibilities of the future. The work echoes the mission of Jidu Automotive Robotics, which is committed to revolutionizing the future of human travel, providing people with more space and time, and achieving more possibilities.

The works of two artists will make their debut at the Jidu Roboverse Sanlitun Experience Center, and Jidu will also launch more digital art-themed joint activities in cooperation with UCCA.

Collaborating with “The Three-Body Problem” to Create an All-round Sci-fi Experience – Introducing the “Three-Body Version” Custom Model This Year

At the launch event, Jidu and the Three-Body Universe signed a cooperation agreement and plan to launch the “Three-Body Version” custom model jointly by 2023, following the success of the ROBO-01 Lunar Limited Edition created in collaboration with China’s Lunar Exploration. The two sides will also conduct all-round technology life product development based on the Three-Body IP, combined with technological and AI innovation, and jointly support the development of China’s science fiction industry.

Zhao Jilong, CEO of the Three-Body Universe, believes that China’s science fiction industry is a long-term initiative that requires the joint efforts and support of all parties. As one of China’s most popular science fiction IPs, the combination of Three-Body and technology products is very cautious. As a field that is naturally intimate with science fiction, technology products are to some extent the real carrier of science fiction.

Zhao Jilong said: “We are honored to encounter peers like Jidu who are open, technological, and have great respect for Chinese science fiction. We both firmly believe that technology helps science fiction and science fiction portrays technology. With the joint cooperation of Jidu and the Three-Body Universe, we can definitely bring products to everyone that are unprecedented in the history of science fiction and blur the boundaries between science fiction and technology.”

The Jidu Roboverse Sanlitun Experience Center also showcased the “Human Autonomous Driving Declaration Stone” from Liu Cixin, owner of the ROBO-01 Lunar Limited Edition vehicle 004, to create an immersive sci-fi sensory experience for digital players who visit the store.

Jidu has built a series of user digital experiences around the Roboverse concept. Following the release of the concept car in the “Xilang” Metaverse in June 2022, Jidu has also created digital innovation gameplay such as “China’s Lunar Exploration” joint digital collections, digital car owners, and AIGC points red packets, continuously breaking through the boundaries of digital experience and leading technological and experiential innovation.Jidu fuses Wenxin and Yi Yan into full capabilities of intelligent cars, releasing the first large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience for smart cars.

Jidu is the pioneer of the new type of “car robot”, defining the new concept of intelligent car development with advanced intelligent driving capabilities and highly intelligent interactive abilities – free movement, natural communication, and self-growth.

Car robots need to have multi-mode fusion human-machine interaction capabilities and engage in two-way natural communication with users. Voice interaction is the most direct and natural way among them. Jidu will integrate the comprehensive capabilities of Baidu Wenxin and Yi Yan to create the world’s first large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience for smart car scenes, enabling car robots to achieve further natural communication.

Wenxin (English name: ERNIE Bot) is a generative dialogue product launched by Baidu based on the Wenxin large model technology. With over ten years of deep cultivation in the field of artificial intelligence, Baidu has an industrial-level knowledge-enhanced Wenxin large model ERNIE with deep semantic understanding and generation capabilities across modalities and languages.

Jidu’s first car robot, ROBO-01, and its limited edition for moon exploration will start product delivery this year.

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