Wuling Bingguo officially released exterior and interior detail photos, equipped with a suspended high-definition large screen display.

According to reports, on February 14, 2023, Wuling Motors officially released the appearance and interior details of its new five-seater electric car, the Wuling Binyue. The new car will be equipped with dual 10.25-inch HD floating screens and offer two options for driving range, 203 km and 333 km, respectively. It is expected to go on sale in March.

Earlier, the Wuling Binyue product manager, Si-Hang, revealed that the small car would be priced at around 70,000-100,000 yuan.

The entire length of the Wuling Binyue is 3,950 mm, width 1,708 mm, height 1,580 mm, and its wheelbase is 2,560 mm. The new car is positioned as a small sedan, higher than the Hongguang MINIEV. The closed and rounded front complements the oval-shaped headlights, and the overall design presents a cute style.

The front X-shaped water ripple lamp uses a high-recognizability LED light source, and the overall shape is like an uplifted eye, while the X-shaped ripple LED taillights echo it. The tail adopts a streamlined ducktail design, with a top spoiler.

The new car features two color schemes for the interior, presenting a retro flavor in the classic colors of black, white, and brown. In addition, the overall materials used in the cockpit are large areas of leather, and the interior design features a large number of circular geometric elements with high-gloss chrome, high-gloss paint, and soft leather.

The oval-shaped center console adopts a large screen and air conditioning panel integration design, with double 10.25-inch floating high-definition screens. The “water droplet”-shaped air outlet complements the “oval”-shaped center console, and is also matched with the “X”-shaped knob.

The outline of the dashboard is simple, but the surface structure and layout are carefully crafted.

In addition, the new car seat design follows ergonomics, with an integrated headrest and a large area of soft wrapping material perfectly fitting the contours of the human body. Moreover, the vertical stitching combined with punched leather pattern can enhance the seat’s breathability.

The new car is equipped with the LING OS system, which provides faux leather seats, multifunctional steering wheel (with position adjustment), remote start, keyless entry, automatic parking, TCS traction control and ESC body stability control.

As for power, the Wuling Baojun E300 will be equipped with a single electric motor, offering two versions of 30 kW (41 horsepower) and 50 kW (68 horsepower), with power batteries from Guoxuan High-Tech, providing two versions of endurance mileage, 203 km and 333 km respectively.

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