Vehicle infotainment system downgraded in memory? Smart: Impossible, will modify the OTA display method.

Doubts about Reduced Configurations

Recently, some users claimed that the memory configuration of their smart #1 on-board computer has been reduced, which is reflected by a decrease in the total and available storage space, compared to what is officially stated.

Image Source: Reinhart

Image Source: Reinhart

However, according to the official configuration table of smart #1, all models throughout the series are equipped with 12 GB memory + 128 GB storage space, as well as a 9.2-inch full LCD high-definition dashboard and a 12.8-inch central control touchscreen.

Is it really the case that the smart #1 has been downgraded?

Official Statement

Smart responded promptly, and issued an official statement today, stating that there is no reduction in memory configuration for the smart #1 model, but rather some differences in the display.

Various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets have underlying software systems that also occupy a considerable portion of the memory space.

Regarding the memory display on the on-board computer of the smart #1, the software part corresponding to these systems is excluded from the overall calculation, resulting in a deviation from official values.

Smart promised to change the display of the memory in future OTA updates.### Original Text

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