Luxury MPV with a price tag over 350,000 RMB, the first in new energy! Tengshi released its January sales data.

This morning, Tengshi announced its January sales, reaching 6,439, becoming No.1 in the sales of new luxury MPVs with a value of over 350,000 yuan.

In fact, this data already existed in BYD’s January sales announced yesterday. BYD’s sales in January reached 151,341, a YoY increase of 58.6%. Among them, sales of passenger vehicles reached 150,164, including 10,409 exports, with a YoY growth of 58.7%. Hybrid DM-i and DM-p series sold 78,826, pure EV series sold 71,338, and the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 3.5 million.

The sales of the BYD Dynasty and Ocean series reached 143,725, a YoY rise of 51%. Tengshi sold 6,439 vehicles, a MoM increase of 7.3%.

In Conclusion

In January, the sales of all new energy vehicle companies were affected by the Chinese New Year holiday causing a certain degree of decline in sales. However, with the sales exceeding 150,000 in a single month, BYD still firmly holds the dominant position in China’s new energy industry.

Tengshi has only relied on its D9 model, a starting price of over 350,000 yuan for its MPV. It has achieved over 6,000 in monthly sales within a few months of delivery, which is higher than some new energy vehicle start-up companies, which illustrates consumer recognition of the Tengshi D9.

In January, BYD continued to make rapid progress.

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