ECARX delivered 3,116 vehicles in January, with a total delivery of over 80,000 vehicles.

The total delivery volume of Zeekr001 and Zeekr009 in January reached 3,116 units. As of now, the cumulative delivery volume of Zeekr brand has exceeded 80,000 units.

The background of the decrease in delivery volume was that from January 11 to February 1, Zeekr’s intelligent factory stopped production for 21 days due to production line transformation and upgrading, which is also reasonable. On January 15, Zeekr009 began nationwide delivery, only 76 days after its listing. At the same time, Zeekr001 of 2023 version also received a brand-new upgrade in January.

The product power of Zeekr001 of 2023 version has been comprehensively improved. The “Thousand Miles Endurance Package” exclusively for the single-motor WE version will adopt CTP 3.0 Kirin battery with a capacity of 140 kWh. The application of the ultra-large-capacity battery combined with the use of motor silicon carbide technology enables the CLTC comprehensive working condition endurance mileage of this model to reach 1,032 km. Zeekr also specially created the “Z-Sport” sports advanced package for the YOU version.

In 2022, Zeekr delivered a total of 71,941 units, exceeding its annual target of 70,000 units in advance. With the start of the new year, Zeekr will launch two new products and continuously improve its product matrix. Zeekr has also proposed a goal of delivering 140,000 units in 2023 and has launched a global strategic layout.

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