Geek+ 009 has started delivery, any record of the fastest delivery?

On January 15th, Zeekri Intelligent Technology’s first pure electric MPV, Zeekri 009, was delivered as scheduled.

As Zeekri Intelligent Technology’s second vehicle model, Zeekri 009 was delivered on schedule 76 days after its launch on November 1st, which is currently possibly the fastest delivery speed among Chinese pure electric vehicle brands.

The first batch of users received their vehicles at Zeekri delivery centers in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing, where senior management of Zeekri Intelligent Technology delivered the vehicles to the first batch of users.

Approaching from the time of delivery, this can be seen as another iteration in the entire development and production process of Zeekri’s second vehicle model.

Goal of 140,000 Annual Sales

Previously, An Conghui stated in an interview with the media:

The Zeekri brand hopes to double its sales volume in 2023 and reach about 140,000 vehicles.

As a reference, Zeekri has already achieved sales of 71,941 units with its 001 model in 2022.

After Zeekri updated its 001 model for 2023, the vehicle’s cost-effectiveness was further strengthened, and battery options of 86 and 140 kWh were added to further expand the consumer user base.

Therefore,We can guess, how much sales will GEEKBEAR 009 contribute in 2023?

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