Free high-speed battery swap during the Spring Festival! NIO releases Spring Festival high-speed battery swap promotion.

NIO announced today that from now until February 5, all 346 highway battery swapping stations in China will provide unlimited free swapping services to all NIO vehicles (excluding vehicles used for operations). Among them, highway service area swapping stations will provide services 24/7 to provide more convenience for users’ Spring Festival travel.

As of now, NIO has built 1,307 battery swapping stations in the Chinese market, including 346 highway battery swapping stations, and has completed the layout of an 8-city high-speed battery swapping network in the 5 north-south and 3 east-west artery highways:
5 north-south artery highways: G1 Jingha Highway, G2 Jinghu Highway, G4 Jinggangao Highway, G5 Jingkun Highway, G15 Shenhai Highway.
3 east-west artery highways: G50 Huyu Highway, G30 Lianhuo Highway Sushan section, G60 Hukun Highway Huxiang section;
8 major city clusters: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan area, Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area, Greater Bay Area metropolitan area, Chengdu-Chongqing metropolitan area, Shandong Peninsula metropolitan area, Yangtze River Middle Reaches metropolitan area, and Central Plain metropolitan area.

At the same time, NIO released its 2023 Spring Festival travel service guarantee plan. During the entire Spring Festival period, NIO will have a team of more than 5,000 people participating in service guarantee. The content covers six scenes of charging service, roadside assistance, service supply stations, maintenance and repair, value-added services, online exclusive services, escorting users’ Spring Festival travel.

In conclusion

Due to the relaxation of epidemic policies, the number of people choosing to return to their hometowns for the Spring Festival this year is undoubtedly higher than in the previous two years, and the national highways will also welcome the largest passenger flow in recent years. It can be foreseen that during the Spring Festival, whether it’s refueling stations or electric charging stations at highway service areas, there will be long queues.

However, NIO has already laid out its own battery swapping stations in highway service areas, and has already established connections with most of the major highways across the country, providing NIO car owners with an energy replenishment experience that surpasses other electric vehicle owners for long-distance travel.

With NIO announcing that there will be unlimited free battery swapping at highway stations during the Spring Festival, it is expected that the number of NIO car owners choosing to travel during the Spring Festival will also increase significantly. Whether the battery swapping stations on the highways can withstand this wave of pressure remains to be seen, and we look forward to feedback from NIO car owners on their highway battery swapping experience during the Spring Festival in our official community.




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