Lantu Chasing Light Static Experience: I chased the light and took a look inside.

Author: Liudahou

After SUV Free and MPV Dreamer, Voyah finally brings its first pure electric sedan, Voyah Chase. Today, let’s take a look at its appearance and interior.

Voyah Chase continues the style of the i-Land concept car, especially the front part of the car. The through-type headlights can be lit simultaneously with the logo. In addition, there are three sets of lines on the front hood of the chasing light, which just extend the design lines of the Voyah logo. This makes the effect of Kunpeng, derived from the “Xiaoyaoyou” more stretching, and the integrity of the face is stronger than that of Voyah Free and Dreamer that we have seen before.

Coming to the side of the car, the lines of the Voyah Chase give people the first impression of being clean, without too many overly three-dimensional lines, and all the visual focus is on the car itself, just like looking at a person’s outstanding side face, no need for any decorations to embellish. The sleek design of the whole car also brings a wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.22Cd. The bottom of the car body adopts a small design similar to a black surround, which gives it a taste of a two-tone car body.

With a wheelbase of 3000mm and a car body length of 5088mm, designers have left enough space for design. The hidden door handles are naturally standard on a pure electric vehicle, and the coupe-like roof design has a taste of a four-door coupe. The slender yet neat vehicle body makes it hard for one to imagine its length being over five meters when looking at it for the first time. Coming to the rear of the vehicle is where its unique part is, Voyah Chase is the only model in the same class that comes standard with an electric tail wing, which can intelligently rise and fall with speed, and can reduce up to 32% of lift and provide 40kg of downforce to ensure that the vehicle “is fast but not floating” during driving, allowing the driver to drive with confidence at high speeds.

In the lighting system, the penetrating LED taillights are echoed with the front face lights, and the VOYAH brand letters are integrated. The arrow-shaped width lamp at both sides and the letter identification maximize the identification at night.

Coming to the car, what first attracts sight in the front row is still the iconic surrounding large screen. The screen is composed of three display areas, the left side is the instrument panel, the middle touch screen is mainly used for navigation, music and various vehicle control functions, and the right side of the co-driver touch screen is mainly for providing various entertainment functions for the co-drivers.

In addition, the LanTuZhuiguang model is also equipped with the same-class unique and fully equipped AR-HUD, with a 60-inch large screen, which can provide more than 30 types of traffic information when the vehicle is driving. With real-time road conditions, it provides lane-level AR real-life navigation to help the driver improve attention and ensure driving safety.

In addition to increasing the sense of safety for the driver, the front row configuration also provides a unique entertainment space for the co-driver. When the co-passenger wants to watch a movie, the front seat can be easily lowered to form a through-style large sofa with the rear seat, combined with a projection screen and Denon sound system like in a theater, directly transforming into a private cinema in the car.

In terms of space, the Zeekr 001 has 1940mm of internal seating space. The butterfly-shaped headrests are standard on all seats. Functionally, the seats are equipped with heating, ventilation, and massage functions. The front seats can be adjusted electrically in 12 ways with leg rests. The angle of the rear backrest provides a 7° forward adjustment, while the rear center armrest is equipped with a 7-inch control screen. Rear passengers can control functions such as audio, heating, ventilation, and ambient lighting through this screen, bringing a luxurious feel to the second row.

The luxurious feel is further reflected in the interior touch. The Zeekr 001 uses ultra-fine suede and DINAMICA eco-suede, which not only feels delicate but is also more environmentally friendly. Compared to genuine leather, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80%, and the use of renewable raw materials is about 40%. Additionally, it can be recycled.

The Zeekr 001 also features the largest panoramic skyroof in its class with an entire area of 2.18 square meters. Additionally, it comes with a dual-motor roller shade with zone control, allowing passengers to enjoy views of the sky without worrying about the sun. According to reports, the panoramic skyroof blocks over 99.99% of ultraviolet radiation and 100% of sunlight. The sunshade can be opened at a custom ratio, such as allowing the rear sunshade to be opened to 30% to meet the diverse needs of users.

Although this was only a static experience, the power parameters of the Zeekr 001 are not a secret. The peak discharge power of the power battery can reach 500 kW, and the front and rear dual permanent magnet synchronous motors can deliver a maximum power of 375 kW and a peak torque of 730 Nm, allowing for a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration of 3.8 seconds, successfully entering the three-second club.

In terms of endurance and energy consumption, the official statement indicates that the front and rear dual permanent magnet synchronous motors of the Voyah Zheguang have a power consumption rate of 15.6 kW·h per hundred kilometers. It is equipped with two high-performance battery packs of 112 kW·h and 86 kW·h respectively. The 112 kW·h battery pack provides a range of 730km (CLTC) while the 86 kW·h battery pack provides a range of 580km (CLTC). In practical terms, the endurance performance is well balanced between urban commuting and long-distance high-speed travel.

In addition, the Voyah Zheguang supports fast charging that can reach a range of 230km within 10 minutes, with a peak charging power of up to 230kW. That means the time it takes to buy a cup of coffee is enough for you to continue your journey.

In the future, we will also conduct dynamic driving tests on the Voyah Zheguang, bringing you a comprehensive interpretation of this pure electric sedan on various dimensions, such as handling, performance, smart driving, and passenger experience.

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