Lucid will complete its first deliveries by the end of 2022.

On December 31st, 2022 (US time), according to Lucid Motor’s Twitter announcement, the first batch of Lucid Air Pure began delivery at Milbrae, California. In the near future, Lucid Air will also be delivered from a delivery center located in Torrance, California. The three-motor Lucid Air Sapphire is also expected to be delivered in the first half of this year.

The single-motor version of Lucid Air Pure, which has already been delivered, starts at $87,400. This car will become the best-selling model in Lucid Motor’s current lineup, similar to Tesla’s Standard Range Model 3. However, since Lucid mainly targets the high-end market, its pricing will be considerably higher than that of Tesla.

Judging from their pricing and positioning, Lucid Air’s direct competitor in the US market will be Tesla Model S. Both cars are characterized by minimalist design and come in a sedan-style body. What kind of delivery level Lucid Air will achieve in the next few months remains to be seen.

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