Extended-range version is coming! The ORA R1 Extended-range version is about to hit the market.

Recently, we learned that ZERØROBOTICS will release the C11 extended-range version on November 28, and its starting price is expected to be around 160,000 yuan. In the catalog of new cars issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 16, we also saw the figure of the C11 extended-range version.

The appearance of the extended-range version is not much different from the pure electric version, and the biggest difference is that there is an additional air intake grille on the front of the car.

The C11 extended-range version has seven wheel hub options, as well as same-color roof, black rearview mirrors, privacy glass, and same-color A-pillars and C-pillars options.

Recently, several training pictures of ZERØROBOTICS were leaked, giving us more information about the car’s specifications.

The C11 extended-range version is equipped with a three-element lithium battery with an angle of 43.74 degrees, and the CLTC pure electric range reaches 285 km. The tank capacity is 47L, and the comprehensive range of CLTC full fuel and full electricity reaches 1024 km. WLTC working condition fuel consumption is 6.8 L, and pure electric fuel consumption per 100 km is 21.6 kWh.

In terms of three-dimensional size, the length of the extended-range version has increased by 30 mm, and the minimum ground clearance has been shortened by 4 mm.

The range extender uses a 1.2T efficient generator, and based on the parameters of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we learned that the range extender comes from Harbin Dongan Automotive Power Co., Ltd., and the 1.2T three-cylinder range extender on the LI ONE also comes from this company. Does this mean that ZERØROBOTICS is using the same type of range extender as LI ONE? In addition, the three-element lithium battery comes from AVIC Lithium Battery.

From the other exposure pictures, more information about the appearance and interior of this car can be seen. Except for the lack of coral orange as a color option for the car paint, everything else is the same as the pure electric version.

Final Words

When the LI One C11 was launched, it attracted many consumers with its extremely high cost-effectiveness. The 90 kWh large battery and the 4WD version that could be purchased for less than 200,000 yuan are obvious advantages.

Now, LI has chosen to launch an extended-range version, which may be due to the currently high prices of battery raw materials. This was the reason why the C11 was affected before. The launch of the extended-range version may further lower the entry price of the C11.

If LI can stick to the current cost-effective strategy, it should have no problem maintaining the current monthly sales of more than 10,000 units.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.