iPhone will support fast charging and ideally be paired with a Magsafe wireless charging pad.

Today, Ideal Motor’s official store has launched a MagSafe wireless charging panel with a maximum power of 15W on one side, priced at CNY 899. It is compatible with the Ideal L series, providing iPhone users with a faster wireless charging experience. Equipped with an intelligent overcharge protection system, users don’t have to worry about long-term charging damage to their phones. It is available in black and white, and users can install it in-store after purchasing online.

Don’t worry, Android users. In January next year, Ideal Motor’s store will also launch MagSafe wireless charging panels with double-sided and 50W wireless charging for Android, compatible with Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO’s wireless fast charging, meeting the needs of more users.

Ideal Motor also answered some common questions:

Q1: Can both original car’s two wireless charging panels be upgraded at the same time?

A1: Yes, Ideal Motor’s store will launch dual-sided iPhone wireless charging panels and Android wireless charging panels on January 25, 2023, to meet the needs of more users.

Q2: Are the fast charging panels waterproof?

A2: The fast charging panels have an IP52 waterproof rating, but it is recommended to avoid contact with water as much as possible during use.

Q3: Why can’t Android/iPhone fast charging be universal?

A3: Both Android and iPhone models support the QI standard charging protocol, which is compatible with slow charging. However, due to hardware architecture and charging protocol limitations, fast charging cannot be universal.


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