BYD starts selling electric vehicles in Brazil.

BYD will start selling two new electric vehicle models in Brazil in November.

Stella Li, President of BYD’s American region, spoke about the favorable political and environmental development in Latin America’s largest car market, Brazil, which would greatly benefit the sales of electric cars.

“I believe it is the best time for us to invest in and develop these new technologies in Brazil due to its political and environmental factors,” said Stella Li during an interview on Wednesday, when unveiling two SUV models.

Currently, BYD’s Song and Yuan models will be imported from China and sold in Brazil until the new factory built in Bahía officially starts operating.

Stella Li added that the current plan is challenging, so the company needs a “government that is open to technology development here.”

Meanwhile, Brazil’s newly elected president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva promised that his government would review and improve the country’s environmental policy. His plan calls for government efforts in industries focused on green economy and modernizing the automobile industry to include hybrid vehicles.

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