Volkswagen Passat B9 interior spy photos leaked, car infotainment system may get a major upgrade.

Recently, the spy photos of the 2024 Volkswagen Passat’s road test were exposed. The interior is still heavily disguised, but changes in the new generation Passat can still be seen from the details of the center console.

Firstly, the most obvious change is on the shift lever. It is different from the electronic lever on the current 8th generation Golf, instead adopting an electronic gear shift design similar to the current ID. series.

Therefore, the area in the center console is effectively released. Due to excessive disguise, it is currently unknown how the space will be utilized.

The second major change is in the center screen. From the spy photos, the overall style of the screen inherits the design of the current ID. series and MQB Evo platform, except the overall shape is more square. The bottom area is still touch-controlled air conditioning settings, and it is unknown if backlight components for air conditioning settings will be added in the new car. In Volkswagen’s current models, the air conditioning system becomes completely blind operation at night, which is very inconvenient.

Looking closely at the interface, it can also be seen that the new car’s infotainment system interface has been upgraded. Like mainstream infotainment systems, a dock bar is added at the bottom of the screen to adjust air conditioning and seat settings, which may improve the inconvenience of air conditioning settings in current models to some extent.

In Volkswagen’s existing products, the car infotainment system has always been a major pain point. Therefore, in March 2021, Volkswagen announced in its Accelerate plan that it aims to become a “software-driven mobility supplier.” On December 7, the CEO of Volkswagen Group took over the overall responsibility for CARIAD, the company’s software department. In late April this year, Volkswagen held the “CARIAD China Strategy Conference” in China, determined to solve the pain points in the car infotainment system. Whether the B9, which was released 24 years ago, can solve the existing pain points is worth looking forward to.

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