BYD Dolphin interior design rendering has been released, featuring oceanic aesthetics.

On April 20th, BYD unveiled the interior design of its model Dolphin. From the pictures, BYD Dolphin continues the maritime aesthetic design of its exterior, using an enveloping cockpit layout, with the side door panels and center console perfectly connected. It adopts symmetrical streamlined lines, outlining a suspended center console with undulating shapes like surging waves, and an exterior metal decorative strip.

BYD Dolphin Interior Design

In the center, there is a touch panel embedded, and on the left side is a LCD digital instrument. The steering wheel adopts a bionic design, which easily reminds people of the tail of a dolphin, perfectly echoing the name of the car model.

BYD Dolphin Steering Wheel

The new car will use a crystal electronic gear lever similar to that of Porsche 911, which is very small. The gear lever is surrounded by a circular layout of buttons, and there are two rollers, likely used for volume control, etc. In front of the gear lever is the area for wireless charging of mobile phones, and below it is equipped with an integrated double cup holder and a through-type storage compartment.

BYD Dolphin Electronic Gear Lever

BYD Dolphin is a pure electric car under BYD, using the BYD e-platform 3.0, which has already appeared in the catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for tax exemption on vehicle purchases. According to the data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, BYD Dolphin offers two battery pack capacities of 61.44 kWh and 82.56 kWh for selection, and three options for a driving range under the CLTC cycle, which are 550km, 650km, and 700km.

BYD Dolphin Battery Compartment

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