Lynk & Co has completed the pilot project of "inspection exemption", and new vehicles can be registered without the need to go to the vehicle management office.

It is well known that the process of “vehicle inspection” at the vehicle management office is a necessary step for new car registration, which requires the completion of the purchase tax declaration and submission of relevant materials at the vehicle management office, followed by queuing for actual vehicle inspection before selecting a number plate.

Now, LINGPAI Automotive eliminates this requirement and starting from May, all new car registrations no longer need to go to the vehicle management office.

On April 14, 2022, LINGPAI Automotive completed the pilot work of motor vehicle “inspection-free” internet registration, becoming the fourth company in China to have this qualification after LI Xiang, Great Wall, and FAW, and the first in Zhejiang province.

In November 2021, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly promoted the pre-inspection of domestic small and micro non-operational passenger vehicles from the factory, with the whole process conducted online and accessible via mobile devices, as a convenient service initiative. In March this year, LINGPAI Automotive and Jinhua Vehicle Management Office in Zhejiang province took the lead in completing the pilot work, successfully completing the one-stop service for selling and selecting number plates for the first “inspection-free internet” vehicle in Zhejiang Province. The time from purchasing a car to completing the registration was reduced from one day to one hour.

This means that LINGPAI has completed the “offline vehicle inspection” service model by transferring the inspection process from the user’s end to the factory end, conducting a pre-inspection when the new vehicle is offline, and uploading the new vehicle information to the public security and traffic management department. When purchasing a car, the sales outlet assists in completing the purchase tax declaration and submitting relevant materials, and the user does not need to repeat the inspection. One only needs to log in to the 12123 App and select a number online to receive the license plate mailed by the vehicle management office, without leaving home.

On May 1st of this year, the Ministry of Public Security’s “Provisions on Motor Vehicle Registration” [Order No. 164] will be officially implemented, and the “inspection-free” internet registration work will be extended nationwide, marking the end of requiring privately owned cars to be inspected at the vehicle management office prior to registration.

Source: [lingpai official]

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