The US Environmental Protection Agency website has released new version information of Tesla Model Y.

According to a recent announcement from the US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Tesla is preparing to launch a new Model Y model with a range of 279 miles(about 446 kilometers).

Currently, there are three different versions of the Model Y available on Tesla’s official website in China, based on the CLTC comprehensive working condition test range:

  • The starting price is RMB 301,840 for the 545km range rear-wheel drive single-motor version.
  • The starting price is RMB 357,900 for the 660km range dual-motor long-range version.
  • The starting price is RMB 397,900 for the 615km range dual-motor high-performance version.

When the 2021 Model Y was delivered in large quantities in China, Tesla released the Model Y with the specifications of this new EPA disclosure, but cancelled the plan because Tesla CEO Elon Musk was not satisfied with the range performance of this version.

The boxed area is the new Model Y version added on the EPA official website

Currently, the only known EPA-rated range of the new Model Y version is 279 miles (equivalent to about 446 kilometers), which is slightly lower than the 330-mile (about 528 kilometers) range of the long-range dual-motor version.

It is speculated that the new version of Model Y may use the 4860 battery pack, which has a slightly smaller capacity but higher efficiency. Tesla may start the production of the new Model Y version in its factories in Berlin, Germany and Texas, USA, but it may not be launched in China.

In accordance with the pace of previous EPA announcements, this new version of the Model Y may land on Tesla’s official website in the United States and open for reservations at the end of this month.

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