After all the anticipation, it finally got equipped with this power system.


  • Heard that DM-i makes everyone love it?

Tomorrow, the BYD Song MAX DM-i will be officially launched. Before that, we went to the store in advance to take pictures of the real car for everyone. In addition to the DM-i hybrid system that everyone loves, the configuration and decoration of the new car have also been optimized, and the overall refinement is better. There is also an interesting change, which we will explain in detail in the video.

The pre-sale price of the Song MAX DM-i is between RMB 146,800 and RMB 173,800. For reference, the fuel version of the Song MAX is priced between RMB 94,800 and RMB 124,800. During the period when the new car is launched, the official also offers many pre-sale benefits, including 24 periods of 0 interest, RMB 3,000 trade-in subsidy, lifetime free OTA system upgrade, and lifetime free basic traffic flow services.

In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with technology and safety configurations such as keyless entry, one-touch start, 360-degree panoramic imaging, DiLink 4.0 smart network system, in-vehicle Bluetooth, automatic parking, tire pressure display, and six safety airbags. Except for the two low-end models with longer range, all other models are equipped with electric tailgate, front passenger seat electric adjustment, ACC full-speed domain adaptive cruise, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assistance.

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