Beijing Yizhuang Tesla delivery center car pickup insurance purchase guide.


Enter the Tesla delivery center with your original ID – go to the service counter in the delivery hall to get your number plate – wait for a phone call to pick up your car – swipe your card to pay – get insurance and temporary license plates on site – attend the car owner’s lecture – voluntarily take the car pickup exam – receive a car introduction and check – paste the temporary license plate and drive home!


Before pickup, Tesla’s public account will send you an “appointment confirmed” order status update notice. Your delivery person will also send you detailed information such as appointment time, document preparation, process for pickup, payment reminders, and pickup location in the WeChat delivery group. You only need to bring your original ID, no need to bring a copy, and prepare the electronic “configuration index confirmation letter”.

Entering the delivery center from the West Gate

Arrive at the Beijing Yizhuang Tesla delivery center on the designated date (there is only one delivery center in the Beijing area). You can arrive early on the day without worrying about the specific pickup time sent to you. Be sure to enter through the West Gate opposite the Economic Daily Press Center, where the security guard will write your pickup code on the “Delivery Pickup Card”. After entering the gate, go straight and turn right to reach the delivery hall.

Both sides of the road are lined with brand new Teslas! White is the most popular color! The first car I saw upon entering was my Model Y, it was meant to be!

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Simple pickup process# Enter the delivery hall and take a ticket at the service desk. Wait for the delivery team to contact you. Then swipe your card to make payment, process insurance on site, obtain a temporary license plate, attend the car owner lecture, voluntarily participate in the delivery test, and receive a basic knowledge demonstration. Finally, attach the temporary license plate and drive home!

You can request to inspect the car before payment. I did this and received the temporary license plate afterwards. You can pay online or in person at the delivery center and use multiple bank cards, or through Alipay to pay with your bank card. Tesla does not limit the payment method or frequency.

The car owner lecture is informative and covers various functions and usage tips. It’s recommended to listen carefully. If you have any questions, you can ask them and get answers until you are satisfied. The electronic version of the car owner’s manual can be stored on your phone for careful reading, and you can add the service center’s WeChat account for any future needs.

After the car owner lecture, they will call out names in batches to distribute temporary license plates, Tesla shopping bags, hats, and umbrellas. The white cars are mostly located in the courtyard, while the darker cars are mostly located in the factory on the opposite side of the delivery hall. Before February, they also provided front trunk mats and small dinosaurs, but not anymore.

On-site inspection control optionsCheck the appearance, paint, and seams when picking up the car. Even if you print out the car pick-up checklist, it’s difficult to go through it item-by-item. I was too excited at the time and didn’t have the patience to do so. It is suggested that you carefully check the paint for any defects such as dents or scratches from different angles and distances. If you can’t accept any defects, you can request a replacement car. If you can accept it, you can request gifts such as cups, T-shirts, car chargers, car keys, FSD, or a few free supercharging credits of 1,500 kilometers according to the degree of damage. However, the vast majority of vehicles have no problems.

I saw many Model Y vehicles at the delivery center, and the smallest seam was at the front trunk, the middle was okay, and the largest was near the tail light of the rear trunk. The delivery team said that this is normal. Compared with Model 3 last year, the seams are indeed much smaller. If all the seams of the car were as small as the front trunk, it would be perfect. It seems that Tesla still has a lot of room for improvement. Mine is like this:

After inspecting the car, the delivery staff will sit in the passenger seat and explain the basic functions and driving skills of the Model Y. Click the car control button in the lower left corner of the touch screen to help you set various function options of the Model Y one by one: quick controls, lights, locks, display, driving, autopilot, navigation, safety & security, maintenance, and software. You can ask any questions at this time, and the delivery staff will also add you on WeChat (you will need to evaluate the delivery process and give a score to the delivery staff in a few days). If you have any questions that you didn’t think of at that time, you can ask anytime later. Pages 167-204 of the “Model Y Owner’s Manual” have detailed instructions for settings, which you can check at any time.

There Should Be A Sense of Ceremony When Picking Up the Car

If you want to take a photo of yourself with a big red flower when picking up the car, you can tell the delivery staff, and he/she will find you to take the photo. Of course, you can also decorate the car beforehand and give him/her a warm, romantic surprise.

Buying Insurance at the Delivery Center

There are four cooperative insurance companies in the delivery center: PICC, Ping An, CPIC, and China Life. The prices of PICC, Ping An, and CPIC are the same, while China Life is slightly cheaper by more than RMB 200.

The four companies have occasional corresponding gift-giving activities, depending on the information on the day of picking up the car:

CPIC offers a service of rental car experience for four days with accident replacement car for free, and buys three insurance products totaling RMB 1 million to upgrade for free to RMB 2 million. In the near future, there are also additional small gifts (Xiaomi nail clippers gift box or LeKou water cup).

China Life gives out an accident replacement car.

Ping An offers a free upgrade of the third-party liability insurance to RMB 2 million.

PICC gives out personal accident insurance for drivers when buying insurance products totaling RMB 1 million for both vehicle damage and third-party liability.

On the day of picking up the car, at least compulsory traffic insurance must be purchased, otherwise temporary license plates cannot be obtained. When waiting for the temporary license plates, learn how to use Model Y and make an appointment for the official license plate issuance date on the KASKI mini-program. Click the link for the Shenghua license plate guide.

I chose Ping An: compulsory traffic insurance RMB 950 + third-party liability insurance RMB 200 + no scratch marks insurance RMB 5632 + full vehicle and passenger insurance RMB 250 = RMB 6832. If you have an accident with the scratch marks, the premium for the second year will be much higher, and the scratch marks can be saved up for repair all at once.

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