Nissan announces internal combustion engine with thermal efficiency of 50% for power generation purposes only.

On February 26th, 2021, Nissan released the technical details of its achievement of developing an engine with 50% thermal efficiency, which is a new world record.

Typically, the output characteristics of an engine need to adapt to various operating conditions. However, the “e-POWER” power system, which only lets the engine generate electricity, can operate the engine in the most efficient state by managing the amount of electricity generated by the engine and the battery level. This concept is very different from traditional engine development, and means that the role of the engine is significantly changed.

To achieve the 50% thermal efficiency target, Nissan proposed the STARC (Strong Tumble and Appropriately stretched Robust ignition Channel) combustion concept, which enhances the flow of air inside the cylinder and the ignition strength, and burns the leaner mixture more stably at a high compression ratio, thus improving the engine’s thermal efficiency.

Improving battery technology and energy management can enable the engine to provide power in the high-efficiency operating range. In the future, running the engine under constant operating conditions can further improve thermal efficiency. The new generation of “e-POWER” engines, developed specifically for “e-POWER” systems based on the above concepts, is a groundbreaking model.

🔗Source: Nissan

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