Reuters exclusively reveals: Huawei will establish its own electric car brand and may launch mass-produced models this year.

(Cover image source: Reuters)

On February 26, Reuters exclusively reported that Huawei is exploring strategic transformation and planning to launch its own brand of electric vehicles, partly expected to be launched this year, due to the impact of US stock sanctions on the company. At the same time, according to informed sources cited by Reuters, Huawei is in talks with Changan Automobile and BAIC Blue Valley for contract manufacturing.

In response, Huawei stated through Securities Times: “Huawei does not make cars, focusing on ICT technology, being an intelligent vehicle incremental component supplier, and helping automakers make good cars.”

In 2020, Huawei issued an EMT document, stating that anyone who advocates for car manufacturing and interferes with the company may be transferred to another position, with the validity period of the document being three years.

Huawei may indeed establish its own car brand, especially after Apple’s car manufacturing has been confirmed. However, it is unlikely to launch some models this year.

Launching mass-produced car models this year means that the project has already been initiated internally three years ago, and the corresponding sales and service systems need to be laid out in advance. Currently, we have not learned of any relevant signs in any way.

But now, based on Reuters’ report on contact with Changan and BAIC, Huawei is laying the groundwork for car manufacturing three years from now.

🔗Source: Reuters, Securities Times

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