LatePost: Ideal Car Plans to Launch Pure Electric Models in 2023.

On February 24th, LatePost exclusively learned that Ideal Auto has recently launched a pure electric vehicle project, and the first pure electric vehicle is planned to be released in 2023.

According to information exposed in an internal letter of Ideal Auto this Monday, this pure electric vehicle will be based on a high-voltage platform and may have 400 kW ultra-fast charging technology and L4 level autonomous driving.

Previously, according to Ideal Auto’s prospectus, the next car following Ideal ONE will be launched in 2022, positioning as a full-size SUV, benchmarking against Mercedes GLS and BMW X7. As far as we know, this model is internally coded as X01 and also uses an extended range powertrain, with full hardware interface reserved for L4 level autonomous driving, including sensors, chips, and so on.

🔗Source: LatePost

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