BorgWarner releases a brand new electric motor with a maximum power exceeding 400 kW.

On February 10th, 2021, BorgWarner announced the HVH 320 high-voltage hairpin electric motor. The HVH 320 has a rated voltage of 800 V and comes in four derivative models, expected to be launched in 2024. Its multifunctional platform design will simplify the integration process for vehicle manufacturers and offer peak efficiency of up to 97% and over 400 kW of power.

The HVH 320 is the latest model in the BorgWarner HVH electric motor series, suitable for a variety of commercial vehicles. The multifunctional motor adopts patented stator winding technology, which is highly integrated and offers not only a fully enclosed motor but also rotor and stator spare parts. In addition, the motor series can be placed in multiple positions on the vehicle and paired with BorgWarner’s 800 V inverter.

🔗Source: BorgWarner Official Website

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