Peng NGP users have accumulated over 160,000 kilometers within 6 days of launch.

On February 5th, XPeng Motors released its monthly intelligent report for January 2021. In mid-January, the P7 received a major OTA upgrade. Following the upgrade, XPILOT 3.0’s NGP automatic navigation assisted driving (beta) in the autonomous driving assistance system was officially opened to users.

According to the report, during the six-day period from January 26th to 31st when the NGP was opened, users travelled a total distance of 166,668 km using the function.

Meanwhile, in January, the average music application accompanied each user for 154.8 minutes per day. Along with this OTA upgrade, the music application interface of Xmart OS 2.5.0 also underwent a new redesign, making it more convenient for P7 users to use search functions, view rankings, and other features.

Source: XPeng Motors

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