SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 industrial and information technology ministry declaration information released on the basis of MEB platform.

On February 4th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 341st batch of “Road Motor Vehicle Production Enterprises and Products Announcement”, and the application information for SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 was exposed.

SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 is a model based on the MEB platform with body size of 4876 x 1848 x 1680 mm, a wheelbase of 2965 mm, positioned as a seven-seater B+ pure electric SUV, higher than ID.4. The rated power of the motor is 70 kW, and the peak power is 150 kW. The vehicle is equipped with a ternary lithium battery. From the picture, it seems that the rear wheels of the vehicle are still equipped with drum brakes.

🔗 Source: MIIT

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