Extended range of over 1100 km, equipped with three Lidar sensors and 18 cameras, Nezha's newest car is scheduled to make its official debut at the Shanghai Auto Show.

On February 3rd, NIO held a media conference and introduced the research and development achievements and future plans in the field of intelligent technology, announcing that it will invest 2 billion yuan in the construction of an intelligent technology R&D center and promote the intelligentization of mass products.

In 2020, NIO launched two products, NIO U and NIO V. The cumulative sales exceeded 15,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 51%, and the monthly sales exceeded 3,000 vehicles. In January of this year, NIO sold 2,195 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 119.3%.

In terms of products, NIO will launch redesigned NIO U and NIO V models this year. The mass-produced model based on the Eureka 03 concept car will also be unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.

The Eureka 03 mass-produced car is built on a new architecture platform with a range of more than 1,100 km. The Eureka 03 mass-produced car will be equipped with three lidars, five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic waves, and 18 cameras. Based on the next-generation domain controller, the Eureka 03 mass-produced car will achieve L4 automatic driving in some scenarios. Furthermore, with the Ethernet-based SOA architecture, the Eureka 03 mass-produced car will achieve software updates and function diversification throughout vehicle life cycle via OTA.

In terms of charging, NIO plans to focus on five cities in 2021 and deploy 100 battery swapping stations to achieve service capacity for 10,000 vehicles.

In terms of intelligentization, NIO has achieved results in the development of PIVOT 2.0 intelligent system platform in areas such as 2.0 powertrain platform, PIVOT 2.0 intelligent cockpit, and PIVOT Driver 2.0 intelligent driving.

NIO will also strengthen the construction of the intelligent technology R&D center. In addition to continuous efforts in intelligent cockpit technology and intelligent driving technology, NIO will also increase research and development in charging and range extension technologies. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive cruising range of > 1,100 km through the development of a 750 V high-voltage high-power charging platform, a temperature-controlled thermal management system 4.0, and an integrated electric drive system.In terms of the intelligent cockpit, NIO is increasing its AI domain controller research and development efforts, equipped with Qualcomm 8155P/TI TDA4 automotive-grade intelligent chips. This is achieved through features such as the CMS electronic rearview mirror, OMS cockpit visual monitoring system, AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display, car take Douyin, and gaming mini-programs.

In terms of intelligent driving, NIO will be based on the dual TDA 4 domain control platform, equipped with 5 millimeter wave radar, 18 cameras, 12 ultrasonic waves, and 3 LIDARs. Based on the 16T/150T computing power platform, NIO will realize L3+ intelligent driving PILOT and limited scene L4 driving capabilities.

In 2021, NIO will also strengthen the construction of the intelligent technology research and development center, increase the talent pool, and enhance the research and development efforts of L4 intelligent driving, intelligent interaction and ecological cooperation, central processing unit, and intelligent vehicle operating system. Therefore, the RMB 2 billion in the C round financing of NIO will be mainly used for the investment in intelligent safety technology research and development.

Source: NIO

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