Kia may be responsible for the complete vehicle production process of Apple's car.

(Cover image source: Reuters)

On January 20th, according to Reuters, the production of Apple’s vehicles may be handled by Kia, a subsidiary of South Korean automaker Hyundai.

On Wednesday of this week, Kia stated that they are currently evaluating potential partnerships with foreign companies in the electric vehicle and autonomous driving sectors, but did not mention Apple by name.

On Tuesday, South Korean media outlet Edaily reported that Hyundai Group, Kia’s parent company, had decided to have Kia take charge of collaboration with Apple on electric vehicles.

Currently, Hyundai has declined to comment. Due to time differences, Apple has not yet made a statement.

(Image source: Reuters)

Earlier this month, Hyundai stated that they were in early discussions with Apple about working together on vehicle production. Following these reports, Hyundai’s stock prices rose by nearly 25%. Apple declined to comment at the time.

Last week, Kia changed its brand name from “Kia Motors” to “Kia” and put forward a new strategy to “go beyond vehicle manufacturing and create sustainable mobility solutions.”

🔗Source: Reuters

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