Beijing will implement the new version of "Electric Vehicle Charging Station Operation and Management". Fuel vehicles are not allowed to occupy dedicated charging parking spaces.

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On January 18th, the Beijing Local Standard “Operating and Management Specifications for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” was announced on the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Administration website and will officially be implemented starting from April 1st, 2021. According to the new regulations, electric vehicle charging stations should guide fuel vehicles not to occupy charging specific parking spaces.

In manually-assisted electric vehicle charging stations, staff should manage the parking space environment to avoid fuel vehicles from occupying charging spots and affecting normal charging activities. For “unmanned” self-service charging electric vehicle charging stations, it is advisable to adopt new technologies such as intelligence and integrated charging and parking to solve the problem of non-charging vehicles and charging vehicles occupying charging spaces.

The charging station must be inspected by a dedicated person. The regulations propose that for manually assisted charging service stations, the inspection frequency should be no less than once a day; for self-service charging service stations, the inspection frequency should be classified and managed according to location, utilization rate, and other factors, and the inspection frequency should not be less than once every three months. If a fuel vehicle is found occupying a charging-specific parking space, the owner should be notified to leave immediately.

The regulations propose that charging stations in public service areas, internal charging stations of units, and internal public charging stations in residential areas that comply with relevant national standards should be opened to the public at suitable times and inform charging vehicles of the conditions they need to meet before entering.

🔗Source: Beijing Municipal People’s Government Website

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