Pricing from 160,000 yuan, Tesla will introduce a brand new domestic model.

On January 8, Sina Auto learned from relevant sources that Tesla will launch its third locally produced model manufactured at the Shanghai Gigafactory.

It is reported that the new car was approved as early as September 2020 and is expected to complete product verification in March of this year.

(Image source: Sina Auto)

This new car may be positioned as a compact two-door sedan with its chassis based on the Model 3 and priced lower at between 150,000 to 200,000 yuan. It will be produced domestically at the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory and is expected to achieve mass production and delivery as early as 2022.

In September of last year, Elon Musk stated at Tesla’s Battery Day that they were planning to release a car priced at $25,000 (approximately 160,000 yuan) in three years. Perhaps the time has come to fulfill that promise, but undoubtedly, if the new model is really priced accordingly, it will undoubtedly bring more intense competition and impact to the domestic new energy vehicle market.

🔗Source: Sina Auto

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