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Reprinted from the official account of China Electric Vehicle 100 People’s Association.

From January 15 to 17, 2021, the 7th China Electric Vehicle 100 People’s Association Forum will be held as scheduled at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

As a cross-departmental, cross-domain, and cross-industry think tank promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry, on the basis of the successful holding of the previous six sessions, the 100 People’s Association continues to maintain its characteristics of high specification, internationalization, platformization, and comprehensiveness. Focusing on the key and hotspot issues of the new energy vehicle industry, explore the development path of new energy vehicles into the market-oriented stage together with various industries in the industry.

Under the new background of the country forming a new development pattern, China entering the “14th Five-Year Plan” development stage, and the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the development of the new energy vehicle industry also faces new problems and challenges.

  • What impact will the new development pattern have on the new round of revolution in the automobile industry?

  • Under the background of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, how will new energy vehicles assist in the transformation of the automobile and transportation industries?

  • As new energy vehicles enter the mid-to-high stage of development, what changes will happen in future markets?

  • How should technology R&D and infrastructure construction be supported?

  • What policy guidance is needed for the new development status?

In response to this series of issues, this forum will organize 12 conferences under the theme of “New Development Pattern and Transformation of the Automobile Industry”, inviting government departments, industry experts, and institutions and corporate representatives from the automotive, transportation, energy, communications and other industries to discuss.

Special Reminders

Under the influence of the epidemic, this conference will greatly reduce the scale of attendance. All guests and media are orientated invited, and many friends who have long been concerned, supportive, and helpful to the association will not be able to attend the site. We are very sorry for this, and hope that our friends can fully understand this. In response to this change, we have specially set up live broadcasting of all the meetings of this forum (except for closed-door meetings), and at the same time opened an online platform for downloading topic reports. Please pay attention to the latest news of the 100 People’s Association official WeChat account and continue to support us as always. Thank you!

Conference Schedule

Conference Date: January 15-17 (Friday-Sunday)

Conference Venue: Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing

Conference Theme: New Development Pattern and Transformation of the Automobile Industry

Hosted by: China Electric Vehicle 100 People’s Association

Co-organized by: General Expert Group of National New Energy Vehicle Key Project, Tsinghua University, China Society of Automotive Engineering, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automotive Technology Research Center, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute

January 15th Afternoon

January 16th Morning# January 16th afternoon

January 17th morning

January 17th afternoon

January 17th afternoon

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