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Q: What kind of heating equipment is better for camping?

A: We bought a stove from the supermarket, along with a spare gas cylinder and a pot. If you want to heat the car, just use the camp mode and you can turn on the air conditioner throughout the journey. It consumes approximately 1% of the battery per hour.
Garage Butler: At present, Tesla’s entire series does not have external power output function, so cooking and other needs still need to be achieved through external devices.

Q: Is there any recommended strong insect repellent product?

A: I purchased OFF! Deep Woods Dry Mosquito Repellent from Costco, and the effect is quite good. I feel like I have set up a “barrier” after using it.

Garage Butler Tip: Costco has already entered the Shanghai market. Similar products are also sold in China. Moreover, insect repellent products with strong effects contain a lot of “DEET,” and the higher the value, the better the effect. Warnings: Not suitable for pregnant women!

Q: What do you think of single pedal driving?A: The transition from gasoline cars to electric cars seems irreversible, haha. I have found it difficult to go back to driving a gasoline car after getting used to a single pedal in the electric car. Initially, I found it difficult to adjust, but later I found it very convenient. Sometimes, when the electric car is fully charged, the regenerative energy is very weak, which is frustrating. Especially in one of my videos, when I came down from the snow mountain, not only did I not apply the brakes long enough to make them turn red, but I also saved some energy and actually charged the battery after coming down the mountain. The energy consumption was negative, which was really amazing.

Q: What is the typical outdoor temperature when you sleep overnight in the Model Y? Have you noticed any differences in the battery drain when running the air conditioning overnight at different temperatures? Also, the rear of the car seems to be colder. What settings do you recommend to heat up the entire car?

A: I have camped in the winter and summer, and generally, when I activate the camp mode, I set the temperature to 18 degrees Celsius. Regardless of the outside temperature, the temperature inside the car remains constant, and I do not have to do anything. If the temperature is low, the car will turn on the heat pump to provide warm air, and if the temperature is high, the car will provide cold air through the AC. Of course, you can also adjust the temperature manually through the air conditioning interface, and there are air outlets in the rear of the car, so the temperature is the same throughout the car. I have tested both heating and cooling, and found that the battery drain was about 1% per hour. However, I have not tested it in extremely cold temperatures, which may result in a higher battery drain. If the weather is too cold, it’s best not to go out frozen.

Q: What is the accessory of the table you use to eat in the car?

A: That is a thermos we bought when camping before. We had the idea to use it in the car since it was always with us. Actually, anything can be used as a table; for example, a box is also fine. And the black pieces on top are the two movable cover plates at the rear of the Tesla.

Q: How do you handle high power appliances, such as an electric kettle, during camping? Can you draw power from the car using an inverter, or do you need an additional generator or battery?

A: High-power appliances are difficult to use because the Model Y cannot output electricity. Therefore, it is better to use a gas stove or burn wood.

Q: In your videos, you mentioned that the Model Y can cover all household scenarios. Do you think the Model Y can partially replace some functions of an RV? Have you noticed any increase in the pleasure of use due to the increase in space during your actual use?

A: The Model Y cannot replace an RV, as an RV needs to have many features. I have traveled with an RV before, but the experience was not as good as with the Model Y, for three reasons:

  • The RV is too large, with a lot of driving pressure, and it can only be driven for a short period of time before needing to find a place to take a break. The Model Y has an advanced driver assistance system that saves energy and allows us to focus on traveling instead of driving.
  • The RV requires higher standards for the campsite and has higher costs, while the Model Y is more flexible. However, living on the Model Y for a long-distance trip is still uncomfortable since the space is limited.- The fuel cost of the RV compared to Y made Y laugh off, and it’s not a small amount of savings haha.

Q: Does the host’s big house use Tesla’s solar energy + storage system? I don’t know if it has been considered. I’m quite interested, but it seems that it’s not available in China yet.

A: It has not been installed yet, but I am considering it. After calculating the cost of purchase and installation and the expected electricity usage in the next 30 years, I found that the difference is not significant. Therefore, I have not made up my mind to install it. However, one day when there was a power outage, I found that the Tesla solar energy and storage system was very useful. Even if there was a week-long power outage, the installation of Tesla solar energy could guarantee the normal operation of various electronic devices in my home. Garage butler’s tips: Our interpretation of Tesla’s storage system 🔗Tesla “Solar Roof” is Coming?

Q: Do you have a cigarette lighter in Y? Is the privacy enough without tinted windows? How much is the Tescamp mattress you purchased?

A: I found that there is more and more difference between domestic and American versions recently. Anyhow, it’s available in the American version. The rear window of the American version is tinted, but not for the driver and passenger seats. However, they can also be tinted, but generally the legal requirements do not allow them to be too dark. If you sleep in the back, you can find some objects to block the surroundings. The mattress I bought costs 169 dollars. Garage butler’s tips: The domestic version has a cigarette lighter interface in the armrest box, which can be used for car chargers, inflatable pumps, and other devices.

Q: May I ask, what equipment do you think must be brought when camping?

A: I think it’s necessary to plan ahead, but don’t plan too much. Then bring a suitable mattress and blanket(the better the sleep quality, the more enjoyable the trip). A sleeping bag can also be used. In addition, bring spare clothes, charging cables, an insulated box, a camping light, a cas stove, simple kitchen utensils, and food. In short, it doesn’t need to be too complicated. Don’t bring as much as moving because the real purpose is to feel nature. Just meet the basic needs and then empty your mind to enjoy unexpected gains during the journey.

Q:What is the actual range of Y and YP? The official website of Y in China shows that the NEDC standard range is 594 kilometers. Compared with more stringent WLTP and EPA, should this range be discounted by 40%?

A: After using it for several times, I have concluded that the theoretical range of the car is about 80% of the actual range. For example, if the car shows that it can run 500 kilometers, the actual range is about 400 kilometers. Of course, there are many factors that will further affect it, such as too cold weather and too fast speed.中国官网这两款车采用了不同的标准,但续航差别不大。以下是美国官网的信息:长航版续航里程为326英里,P版为303英里。

车库大管家提醒:我们测试过国内版 Model Y 的续航测试,点击这里可以查看我们的测试过程和结果。

Q: Do you think the camping mode of Model Y is useful? Will it consume a lot of power?

A: It is very useful. I used to drive a RV for camping, and we had to use a generator for electricity when there was no power supply at the campsite. It was very noisy. Of course, Model Y cannot be compared with RVs, but it is still very novel occasionally. It consumes about 1% of the battery per hour at normal temperature, and I haven’t tested it in extremely low temperatures yet.

Q: Do you feel anxious when driving a pure electric car to the countryside? How do you usually arrange your battery power, and how much power do you reserve for the return trip?

A: I felt a little worried at first, but after several thrilling challenges, I felt much more at ease. Moreover, charging stations are gradually becoming more common and increasing in number. There are also enough nearby charging stations.
I suggest making a strategy before going out, knowing where there are charging stations along the way, and making plans based on Tesla’s calculation and your own estimation.
车库大管家 tip: Let’s take a look at which charging pile brand car owners have the highest evaluation? 🔗Which charging pile brand do you satisfy?

Q: Will you have a barbecue in the wild? What kind of stove do you recommend?

A: I haven’t barbecued yet. Usually, we bring a gas stove to cook, but most campsites in the United States have a place for people to make fire, so you only need to bring a grill, wood, and fire-making tools.

Q: If the car is turned into a bed for camping, where do you put your luggage?

A: We usually put food and tableware in the front compartment, and the back of the car has a space for storage. There is also some space in the front seat for luggage placement.

The back of the car has a storage space

Q: Are there any wild animals in the field? Have you encountered any, Hau?

A: Squirrels and various small insects are more common. Occasionally, we come across raccoons, groundhogs, and some birds whose names I don’t know. I haven’t encountered any larger animals yet.

Q: How is the Model Y’s performance on off-road mountain roads?A: I have indeed driven many mountain roads. As for operability, I won’t say much, but it is very stable. What’s worth mentioning is the assisted driving – it can steadfastly stay on track, and if there’s a car in front, it’s even more stable. However, for sharp turns, you need to intervene a bit.

Then there’s the downhill road with regenerative braking – you don’t have to keep pressing the brake, and it doesn’t consume electricity. Instead, you may find the battery level increases after reaching the bottom of a hill.

Q: Does turning on the air conditioning in the car consume electricity? Because I feel like the air conditioning in my XPeng P7 consumes a lot of power, and I’m afraid that if I stay in the car overnight, the battery will run out.

A: I was also very worried about this at first, as I always turned on the air conditioning. Later, I found that compared to starting the car, the power consumption of the air conditioning is not a big issue – it’s about 1% per hour, whether it’s cold or warm air. However, there is one mode that consumes relatively more power, which is Sentry mode. If you’re in a relatively safe camping site, you can turn off the Sentry mode so that the car doesn’t record things, and this saves more power – possibly less than 1% every hour.

Q: Does buying a Tesla really save costs? My intention is to reduce costs as much as possible in the future, and of course, part of the reason is that I hope the environment gets better – I don’t like vehicle exhaust in cities and I hope for cleaner air~

A: I have done several comparisons and calculations on electricity and fuel costs before, and personally, I think it is more cost-effective to buy a Tesla. We have an independent charging station at home, and we also received a 1000mile super charging service when we bought the Tesla. Our monthly electricity bill has increased by around $60, while the previous gasoline car cost about $400 per month.

Q: There’s a difference of RMB 30,000 between the Model Y Long Range and Performance – which one do you recommend?

A: I recommend the Long Range version.

Q: In places without paved roads, is assisted driving completely unusable?

A: As long as there are lines on the ground, assisted driving can recognize them. The specific situation depends on what you mean by unpaved roads.

Q: Do I need to prepare a thermal insulation box if I bring food? I see a big difference in prices online, how should I choose? Which one do you use? I think you showed it at the beginning of the episode where you and your partner had hotpot in the snow~

A: It depends on what kind of food you want to bring. If the weather is hot and the distance is long, I suggest you buy a thermal insulation box to keep the food fresh. We bought our thermal insulation box on Amazon for only about $20, but it depends on where you want to put it – front or back of the car. If you want to put it in the front, you can buy a smaller one. Car Garage Butler reminds you that I chose this one: 🔗the one in the link.### Q: Do you think traditional American car companies will launch some electric vehicles that you like, such as Ford’s electric Mustang? Can they compete with Tesla?

A: I think electric vehicles from traditional American car companies are probably not comparable to Tesla, and may even be inferior to domestic new energy companies like NIO and XPeng. I have been paying attention to domestic new energy companies.

Q: I just placed an order, but I’m hesitant to cancel it now. Many people have doubts about the single pedal driving mode, and I am transitioning from a gasoline car to an electric car.

A: First of all, I also transitioned from a gasoline car to an electric car, and it seems that this process cannot be reversed. Going back to a gas car makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I only felt a little uncomfortable with the single pedal driving mode on the first part of the road when I drove the car home after picking it up. Later, I found it very useful. Sometimes, I’m not happy when the regenerative braking becomes weak after the electric energy is full. I quite like it. Besides, you have already placed an order. If you cancel now and want it later, you may have to wait longer. Therefore, since you have already placed the order, you should not cancel it.
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