Delivered 5,700 units in December, Xiaopeng Motors delivered a total of 27,041 vehicles throughout the year.

On January 4th, XPeng Motors announced its deliveries in 2020, Q4, and December.

  • Deliveries in December reached 5,700 vehicles, an increase of 326% YoY and 35% MoM, setting a new record. Among them, the XPeng P7 delivered 3,691 vehicles and the XPeng G3 delivered 2,009 vehicles.
  • The accumulated deliveries in Q4 2020 were 12,964 vehicles, an increase of 303% YoY and 51% MoM. Among them, the XPeng P7 delivered 8,527 vehicles, a 37% MoM increase.
  • The accumulated deliveries in 2020 were 27,041 vehicles, an increase of 112% YoY.

XPeng Motors December 2020 Deliveries

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