The world's largest Tesla 72-stall supercharging station in Shanghai is now online.

On December 31, the Shanghai Jing’an International Center supercharger station, Tesla’s largest global supercharger station with 72 stalls, officially went live.

Currently, Tesla has built 75 supercharger stations and 48 destination charger stations in Shanghai. The world’s largest supercharger station and Asia’s first V3 supercharger station are also located in Shanghai.

Looking back at 2019, Tesla opened a total of 112 supercharger stations, with a total of 874 supercharger stalls. The number of supercharging stalls nationwide exceeded 2,300, and on the last day of 2019, 10 supercharger stations and 78 supercharger stalls were opened.

As of the end of 2020, Tesla has built more than 620 supercharger stations and matched them with more than 710 destination charger stations in China, achieving 5,000 supercharger stalls and covering more than 290 cities.

With the opening of the charging route from Chengdu to Lhasa in September and the completion of the Chinese section of the “Silk Road” charging route from Xi’an to Urumqi in December, users have more travel options.

In addition, Tesla will invest in building a supercharger factory in Shanghai that integrates research and development and production. The plan is to officially put it into production in the first quarter of 2021, with an initial planned production of 10,000 supercharger stalls per year, which will further accelerate the construction speed of Tesla’s charging network in China.

From the data of 2020, it can be seen that the number of Tesla supercharging stalls has doubled. In terms of the number of vehicles in the Chinese market, there were 45,374 in 2019, while the first three quarters of 2020 reached 115,001, almost double the total number of last year.

Tesla’s global target this year is 500,000, which is not easy to achieve in the current pandemic. The main markets are still the United States, followed by China and Europe. When the Model Y launches next year, sales are expected to break records, so the demand for charging stalls is also urgent.

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