Great Wall Motors' Li Peng: Turn cars into the ultimate mobile intelligent terminals.

On December 30th, at the online Intelligent Driving Strategy Upgrade Conference held by Great Wall Motors, Li Peng from Great Wall Motors shared the results of the company’s digital transformation throughout the year 2020.

As discussed by many industry experts on the future world, the demand for a better travel and lifestyle experience is increasing day by day. We not only need high-tech elements, but also require secure and private spaces, intelligent vehicles, and more.

All of what you mentioned is actually not far away from us. Because at present, intelligent innovation is driving the transformation of the automotive industry. This is a very revolutionary change. We need to innovate interaction, transform operational systems, and build intelligent ecosystems, to turn the automobile into the largest mobile intelligent terminal.

Firstly, interaction innovation. Recalling the first computer in human history, it was a punch-card machine that directly inputted 0s and 1s. Later, DOS was an English-based logical computer system. Windows created the interaction between “users” and PCs. Multi-touch smartphones enable children to easily use it.

As we can see, the method of interaction is innovating, but the direction has never changed. Machine interaction is becoming more and more like human interaction, until it becomes a natural interaction.

Then, there is operational innovation. Establishing an integrated digital system for people, cars, and scenes to create a seamless and consistent experience for users across different scenarios. Through data-driven methods, we can establish all-life-cycle operations and ultimately achieve a targeted scene for people.

Intelligence is also changing the ecosystem, and smart bikes are no longer enough to satisfy people’s desire for a better travel experience. Cameras, sensors, biometric technology, 5G, artificial intelligence, and more will add more scenarios to travel. All hardware and software can be connected to the car, from smart bikes to the Internet of Things in the future.

To create such an ecosystem, cars must continue to evolve. Since the attribute of being a means of transportation is no longer the only label for cars in the ecosystem, the car becomes the largest intelligent terminal for human beings. Mobile space, data center, energy center, and computing power center will become synonymous with its continuous evolution.

To keep up with the evolution of travel, Great Wall Motors has embarked on a large-scale digital transformation since this year, achieving transformation from “Chinese automobile company” to “global tech mobility company”.

Great Wall Motors has built three core capabilities: First, to create the first group-level middleware platform in the automotive industry with customers at the center. Secondly, to establish a lifecycle management system for customers. Thirdly, to establish a three-in-one system of automobile, service, and marketing, making data an enterprise asset.

In addition to the three core capabilities, the digital transformation of Great Wall Motors has also achieved three industry firsts: firstly, the innovative R&D concept of three-level integration of smart driving, smart cabin and smart service in the automotive industry; secondly, the innovative dual-drive mode of users and products to promote continuous and rapid iteration of user experience with a multi-dimensional perspective; finally, the innovative DOCK hardware ecosystem model in the automotive industry to complete the construction of IoT ecosystem.

Great Wall Motors has laid three technical foundations for digital transformation. We have led the construction and implementation of the “Coffee Intelligence” intelligent platform. By using this powerful tool, the development cycle of smart cockpits has been shortened by 50%. Related products will be launched soon.

We have also defined the future autonomous driving route of Great Wall Motors, insisting on independent research and development and building an expandable architecture. In order to support the globalization strategy of Great Wall Motors, we have completed the construction of an overseas intelligent platform. This year, we have achieved real-time online access to all models of all brands of Great Wall Motors.

In addition, on July 20th this year, Great Wall Motors also launched three major technology brands: Lemon, a global high-intelligence and modular technology platform; Tank platform, an intelligent professional off-road platform; and Coffee Intelligence, a smart vehicle system for future travel.

The three major technology brands aim to create better and smarter products for consumers, and also demonstrate Great Wall Motors’ firm determination and extraordinary courage.

Coffee Intelligence covers intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, and intelligent electronic and electrical architecture, and puts forward the research and development concept of “double intelligence fusion” for the first time. From the perspective of user experience, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit are combined into one. Moreover, relying on Coffee Intelligence, Great Wall Motors has also created the strongest intelligent social circle, with more than 20 leading global technology companies joining the Great Wall Motors ecosystem.

Recently, Great Wall Motors has also obtained certification for the world’s first 5G car. Great Wall Motors’ 5G T-BOX is the world’s first mass-produced product, using a brand new platform design that takes into account the installation of various models. The first model to be equipped is the third generation Haval H6.Combining 5G technology, FOTA, Ethernet technology, and car networking security technology will greatly change the future modes of transportation. Taking download speed as an example, 5G download speed is 100 times that of 4G. 5G has ultra-low latency, currently reaching 10 milliseconds, while 4G latency is 40 to 60 milliseconds. With the use of 5G technology, C-V2X will become a reality. The new, fast design concept will lay a solid foundation and provide effective technical support for the development of the entire automobile industry.

Long image about Longji car technology

With the support of ecological partners and related core technology capabilities, Great Wall Motors is creating a new benchmark for intelligent cars with the “two wisdom fusion” concept, which will be upgraded to “three wisdom fusion”. Intelligent services will become the third wisdom with users at the center. Intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent services will create a new category of intelligent cars.

Another long image about Longji car technology

These achievements are from Great Wall Motors and represent a new practice in the development of intelligent cars in China. In the Chinese entrepreneurship field, there is a business model called C2C, which is not customer-to-customer, but copy-to-China. In the era of industrial internet, this model will not work anymore.

In the process of developing intelligent cars, if we always follow Tesla and continue to use the traditional C2C model, we will never surpass Tesla. From carriages to Nokia, numerous changes have shown that what disrupts you is not your opponent, but your mindset. Cognitive closure, inertia, and path dependence are burdens that affect innovation and transcendence.

Yet another long image about Longji car technology

Therefore, we must let go of the burden brought about by fixed ways of thinking. Like me 10 years ago, transforming from a traditional car person to a practitioner of intelligent cars, we must continuously accept new challenges. Today is my last speech on behalf of the Great Wall Motors Digital Center, and Chen Xianling will be responsible for the work of the Great Wall Motors Digital Center going forward.At the end of each journey is the beginning of the next. As rumored in the market, I will take full responsibility for the high-end intelligent car project, the SL project. Only by getting involved in the trend of intelligence and taking on the responsibility can we hope to achieve success.

Thank you for your care and love. I wish you all a happy new year, good health, and happy family. I am Li Peng, a big friend full of ideals for the future of cars.

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