Production of e-Golf officially discontinued as ID.3 takes over.

According to Electrek, as confirmed by Volkswagen, the e-Golf has ceased production at the Dresden factory and the factory will undergo upgrades in preparation for the start of ID.3 production next month.

The e-Golf was an electric vehicle model created for compliance, based on existing gasoline car models, with limited production. However, it has been quite popular in the market with Volkswagen producing 145,561 e-Golf vehicles since 2014.

Danny Auerswald, head of the Volkswagen Dresden factory, said, “A few weeks after finishing e-Golf production, we will expand ID.3 production and begin a new chapter in the Dresden factory. Following the Zwickau factory, we are the second factory in Europe to produce vehicles based on the new modular electric drive system. This underscores the importance of upgrading and transforming European factories in Volkswagen Group’s electrification layout.”

Currently, Volkswagen has delivered about 30,000 ID.3 vehicles and plans to increase production to meet demand. Next year, Volkswagen will launch a lower-priced version of the ID.3, and demand for production capacity is expected to rise significantly.

🔗Source: Electrek

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