Minimum 4299 yuan per month, Didi D1 rental price exposed.

The rental prices for D1 in Changsha are out, with two modes of half-year lease and one-year lease:

  • Half-year lease: 4399 yuan/month
  • One-year lease: 4299 yuan/month

In addition, a deposit of 10,000 yuan is required when renting a car.

When chatting with a regular ride-hailing driver in Shanghai during a taxi ride, he said: “Renting a car costs about 260 yuan a day, charging is free, earning only 600 yuan a day is just a nominal effort, earning 700-800 yuan is considered diligent, and earning over 1,000 yuan is quite hard-working.”

According to the driver, the daily cost is 260 yuan, which adds up to 7,800 yuan per month assuming 30 days in a month. I am curious about the rental prices in Shanghai.

D1 rental prices

🔗 Source: 快科技

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