Deposit issue causes Tesla's Berlin Superfactory construction to undergo changes.

According to exclusive information from the German media Tagesspiegel, Tesla’s Berlin super factory has been forced to stop construction once again due to a lack of €100 million in security deposits.

It is reported that due to the fact that the Berlin super factory has not yet obtained full construction permits, the environmental department of the state of Brandenburg has required Tesla to pay a security deposit of €100 million for the possible demolition costs of the super factory project. This security deposit was supposed to be paid by December 17th. At present, Tesla has been granted an extension until January 4th next year to make the payment.

The Tesla Berlin super factory has been affected by construction delays for the second time due to outstanding payments. According to Electrek, in October of this year, the construction project of the Berlin Super Factory was cut off from water due to outstanding payments. Later, Tesla signed a new contract with the local water company and everything returned to normal.

Earlier this month, the construction of the Tesla Berlin super factory was also temporarily suspended due to a lawsuit filed by local environmental organizations against deforestation.

🔗Sources: Electrek, Tagesspiegel

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