Domestic Tesla Model Y may be equipped with LG high-nickel batteries.

According to a report by Korean Times, LG Energy Solution (formerly the battery business of LG Chem) will provide Tesla with high nickel content NCMA lithium-ion batteries starting from next year.

The new company, which officially established on December 1st, is focusing on the electric vehicle battery market and has factories in South Korea, the United States, Europe, and China.

LG Energy Solution announced that it will start producing NCMA batteries with a nickel content of up to 90% from the second half of 2021. High nickel content can increase energy density, enabling electric vehicles to travel up to 600 kilometers on a single charge.

After Tesla’s “Battery Day” in September, rumors emerged that the company was seeking to acquire shares in LG’s battery business. Subsequently, LG Chem announced that it would produce new batteries that were exactly the same as Tesla’s 4680 battery specifications.

As for LG Energy Solution’s statement that it will provide NCMA batteries for the Tesla Model Y and use them in the production of the Model Y at the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, the company stated that it cannot disclose customer information at this time, so it cannot confirm this news.

Earlier, LG confirmed that it will double its battery production capacity in China and has invested in increasing the capacity of its Nanjing plant to expand production of cylindrical batteries used by Tesla.

Source: Electrek, Korean Times

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