Elon sends another internal email: Tesla urgently needs to increase production to meet strong demand.

According to foreign media Electrek, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated in an email sent to employees on the evening of December 11th local time that Tesla’s demand in the market is very strong at present, and the company urgently needs to increase production capacity to cope with this situation.

Tesla is currently in the end-of-year delivery period, and the goal is to set a new record for delivery quantity this quarter to achieve a total delivery of 500,000 vehicles in 2020. Therefore, Tesla’s delivery volume this quarter needs to exceed 181,000 units, which is 40,000 units more than the delivery record of the previous quarter.

Electrek obtained the email content from Musk, and the complete email is as follows:

The translated email is as follows:

“We are lucky because we are currently facing a high-level problem. In this quarter, Tesla’s demand is higher than production capacity.

To ensure that we can cope with this situation while not failing the trust and support of our users and investors, we must increase our production capacity as soon as possible in this quarter.

I will only communicate with everyone in this way via email at a critical moment.

Thank you,

If you have any thoughts and suggestions on increasing production capacity, but feel that they have not been taken seriously enough, please email me directly.”

This is the second internal email from Musk to employees this month. Previously, due to Tesla’s soaring stock price, Musk sent an email reminding employees to pay attention to cost savings and indicating that the company’s profitability still needs to be improved.

🔗Source: Electrek

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